Atomy Lifestyle Centre @ Bugis: Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home Visit

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Atomy Lifestyle Centre @ Bugis: Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home Visit
Article by Nicole Sim
The Bugis Lifestyle Centre members on-site at the Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home
On the 20th of March 2018, the Atomy Lifestyle Centre at Bugis organized a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) visit to the Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home (LAMH) at 1 Thompson Lane.
LAMH is a family-run nursing home that was established in the mid-1960s by the late Madam Lee Ah Mooi. Madam Lee was a registered nurse with the Singapore General Hospital in the 1930s, who started LAMH to provide care for the Samsui women and Ah Mahs, since most of them took a vow of chastity and did not have children to look after them. Madam Lee is noted as having been a strict and compassionate woman who supervised
the entire nursing home, from infection control to meal preparation, and who personally ensured that every resident was treated with dignity and
Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home at 1 Thomson Lane
After Madam Lee passed in 1992, the nursing home was passed down to her two sons, Then Mun Wah and Then Mun Tat. The home prioritizes
affordability and personalized eldercare for its residents and has remained committed to serving the needs of the low-to-middle income group, targeting mainly families in the sandwiched class who are unable to receive government subsidies.
Sandra Sim, a Diamond Master and volunteer for the CSR activity, noted that the service experience left her feeling “very happy to contribute to
bring happiness to old people, since this is our culture.” She added: “Seeing them happy makes me happy.”
This sharing of love is a cornerstone in the work of the Lifestyle Centre, whose members actively seek opportunities to cultivate connections with
others in their lives and radiate the love that they have had the fortune of receiving. In the pursuit of this goal, they stress the importance of
teamwork and coming together.
Jackson Loh, Committee Member of the Lifestyle Centre @ Bugis, notes,

                                                  “It’s important to be healthy, happy and give back through service.”
During their visit to LAMH, members of the Lifestyle Centre had the chance to exercise this core Atomy value of service in humility, and better their
community in a direct way.

Jackson Loh, Bugis Lifestyle Centre Committee, engaging with residents at the home

The members of the Lifestyle Centre spent the afternoon singing karaoke, playing games, and distributing Atomy goods (such as the Atomy Oral Care Set and Atomy Sandwich Laver) with the elderly residents. The residents, for their part, were happy engaged during the session, singing along to their favourite songs, munching on their sandwich lavers and interacting with the members.

Atomy member listening and interacting with an elderly woman

Diana Shen, a Manager of the Bugis Lifestyle Centre, stressed the importance of such acts of giving back to the community. She noted that this has
to be part of the company’s culture, and feels a responsibility to contribute to that like the CEO. Diana hopes to create a sustainable community
service effort by having monthly sessions, and suggested that next time they might bring tingkats to distribute food.

Diana Shen, Bugis Lifestyle Centre Manager

Atomy hopes to support more of these centre-initiated CSR activities, and in doing so, continue serving the local community.

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