[CSR] Atomy Singapore Supports CPAS - Cerebral Paisy Alliance Singapore

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Atomy Singapore believes that acts of kindness can truly transform lives.

(From Right: CPAS EIPIC Principal, Ms Azalea Ong, Atomy Singapore Director, Ms Wendy Lee,  CPAS Day Activity Centre Client, Ms Ter Jing Xian, CPAS Day Activity Centre Client,
Mr Mohamad Audi Bin Razali, CPAS School (East) Principal, Mr Boo Hian Kok, and Atomy Singapore Operating Manager, Mr Lucas Then)

Atomy Singapore recently recognised CPAS’ (Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore) work and the immense value this
not-for-profit organisationbrings to people with cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities.

Cerebral palsy is a complex neurological disorder that affects muscle coordination and body movement,
often resulting frombrain damage before or during birth.

Established in 1957, CPAS has been at the forefront of providing comprehensive support and services tailored
to the unique needs of individuals with cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities in Singapore.
CPAS believes it is important to empower individuals with cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities.

To contribute to the overall health and protection of CPAS' beneficiaries, including the dedicated
allied health professionals andvolunteers who serve the community tirelessly,
Atomy Singapore donated 760 boxes of Vitamin C and 520 masks to CPAS.

Not only did Atomy Singapore bring smiles to the faces of individuals with cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities,
their families, and the entire CPAS community, ATOMY’s very own Vitamin C and face masks provided much-needed
support for CPAS’ community beneficiaries and their loved ones during these challenging times.

Atomy Singapore is proud to stand alongside CPAS to fulfill their vision of empowering persons with
cerebral palsy or multiple disabilities to realise their full potential and lead fulfilled, dignified lives.

Keep up the good work, CPAS! Aja! Aja! Aja!

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