[CSR] Atomy Singapore Supports ARC Children's Centre

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Atomy Singapore is renowned for its strong sense of corporate social responsibility
and unwavering dedication to giving back to the community.

(From Right: Assistant Centre Head, Geralding Wong, Co-Founder, Ronita Paul, Co-Founder, Geraldine Lee, Atomy Singapore Director, Ms Wendy Lee and Atomy Singapore Operating Manager, Mr Lucas Then)

The company recognizes that children are the hope of the future and thus has pledged to provide them with the resources necessary to thrive. As part of this pledge,  on 5 May 2023, Atomy made a generous donation to the ARC Children's Centre, a non-profit organization that supports children with cancer and their families.

Since its founding in 2011, the ARC Children's Centre has been committed to provide programs and emotional support based on the needs of the children and families.

Their mission is to ensure the wellness and happiness of children remains a top priority,
and they work tirelesslytoassist families incoping with the challenges of cancer.

Atomy is proud to have made a donation to the ARC Children's Centre,which includes Vitamin C supplements,children's masks, and mosquito repellent.
These supplies will help boost the children's immune systems, protect them from viruses, and prevent mosquito bites that
can transmit diseases like dengue fever.

The goal of this donation is to provide hope and joy to children fighting cancer.
Atomy understands the immense difficulties that children with cancer and their families face,
and is committed to doing its part to support them in any way possible.
This donation is a testament to Atomy's unwavering commitment to corporate social
responsibility and its dedication to making a positive impact on society.

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