ATOMY SINGAPORE - CSR ACTIVITY (Lifestyle Centre @ Marymount Glory)

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ATOMY SINGAPORE - CSR ACTIVITY (Lifestyle Centre @ Marymount Glory)

As the saying goes, “No one has ever become poor by giving.”

On 10 March 2022, Centre Manager of Marymount Glory Lifestyle Centre, Ma Hong, and her team of 4 committed partners, Low Peng Peng, Wan Xin, Sun Bao Ying and Ming Xiao Qu, visited Fei Yue Active Ageing Centre and brightened the day for 200 elderlies.

Fei Yue Family Service Centre was established in 1991, and Fei Yue Community Services, in 1996. It is one of the pioneers in counselling services in Singapore. Its mission is to effect life transformation through the provision of quality social services. It believes in working closely with the communities it serves which range from the young to the old.

During their visit, the team brought “WeCare” packages consisting of essential necessities like our Atomy Compact Toothbrush, Atomy Toothpaste and food items like Atomy Black Bean Sauce Noodle and Atomy Potato Ramen.

The team also took time to share useful product knowledge of our Atomy Healthy Dried Fruit, Atomy PTFE-Membrane Mask and ways to prepare our Atomy Potato Ramen.

Centre Manager of Marymount Glory Lifestyle Centre, Ma Hong, commented, “Everyone knows the value of sharing and contributing back to the society. In Atomy, the culture of sharing is a way of communicating and showing love toward others. We are glad to have the opportunity to work with Fei Yue Community Services and to spread our love to the elderlies. Thank you, Atomy Singapore, for your support in making this outreach possible!”
“It is my honor to participate in this CSR activity. Like our Chairman Park mentioned, “Social contribution is a must, not a choice.” Through all the donations and outreach Atomy has been actively conducting to spread love globally, I could strongly feel the culture of sharing and I am proud to be an Atomian!” reflected Atomy partner, Annie.

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