Atomy Singapore – CSR Activity (Lifestyle Centre @ Woodlands Lucky)

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Atomy Singapore - CSR Activity (Lifestyle Centre @ Woodlands Lucky)

The team from Atomy Lifestyle Centre @ Woodlands with the care packages

Chairman Park taught us that the basic rule of attitude is to be humble, which all Atomians are been constantly reminded through our Atomy Company Motto – “Serve in Humility”.

In an CSR Activity conducted on 15 January 2022, Centre Manager of Atomy Singapore Woodlands Lucky Lifestyle Centre, Zhou Yan Xue, and her team of 10 dedicated volunteers set aside time off their schedule on a weekend to touch the hearts of numerous senior citizens that are currently residing alone in the vicinity of Woodlands Block 572A.

Essential household and wellness Atomy products like our Atomy Dish Detergent, Atomy Scrubber, and Atomy Ethereal Oil Patch were meticulously packed into individual “WeCare” packages. The “WeCare” packages were then distributed to 200 elderlies and families at the RC and also door-to-door for citizens that were unable to collect the packages by themselves.

The senior citizens are now able to enjoy double benefits when using our Atomy Dish Detergent that is recognized by the Ministry of Health & Welfare Korea as a Class 1 dish detergent that can also be used for washing fruits and vegetables. Our Atomy Ethereal Oil Patch will bring relief to our seniors suffering from body aches and pains.

These senior citizens also received a set of our Atomy 2022 New Year Pack, consisting of our 2022 Calendar and Red Packets.

Our Atomians gifting the care packages to members of the community

During one of the conversations with the beneficiaries, she expressed her gratitude towards the team’s gesture by saying,

“Thank you for your care and concern for senior citizens like us. The “WeCare” package and time spent chatting together has reminded me that I am not alone.”
“In the days to come, we will continuously improve our service and focus more attention towards vulnerable groups such as the elderlies living alone. We seek to learn more about their needs, and we aim to work towards creating a harmonious atmosphere of “Loving, Respecting and Helping the Elderly.” 

This CSR activity not only cultivated the love and sense of responsibility of our volunteers, but it has also helped spread the love of Atomy to the Elderlies! Thank you, Atomy Singapore, for helping to make this possible.”

- Zhou Yan Xue, Centre Manager of Woodlands Lucky Lifestyle Centre.

Atomy Singapore is proud to be able to make a difference and to contribute back to the society.

Let’s all Serve in Humility! Aja Aja Aja!

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