Atomy Singapore Celebrates 6th Year Anniversary!

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Six years ago, ATOMY, Korea’s biggest network marketing company specialising in advanced cosmetics and health supplement products entered the Singapore market. Known for offering its products of ‘Absolute Quality’ at an ‘Absolute Price’ through their Masstige Strategy, it's no wonder that ATOMY has been so successful in expanding in Singapore.

Today, ATOMY Singapore has grown to more than 250,000 members and offering more than 150 products, directly from Korea.

“Atomy Singapore has experienced exceptional growth since we started. We have to thank our members for their continued support to grow the brand with us here in Singapore. We are confident, that Atomy will be recognised as a household brand in Singapore.” 
- Wendy Lee, Country Manager

To celebrate Atomy’s 6th Year Anniversary, with every order value of $288, you'll receive one limited edition, ‘Your Journey with Atomy’ mug! Available from 10am, Monday, 10th May 2021. While stocks last.

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