Happy Mother's Day: Confident Women are Attractive

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Another Shout-out to all Moms out there "Be Confident! You're Doing Great" 

As a parent raising kids, sometimes everything seems to go by in a flash, from the diaper changing, first days of school, birthdays, marriage and before you know it, you’re a grandmother.  With Mother’s Day this weekend, we catch up with another one of our member moms as we honour them this weekend. We speak with Anita from our Lifestyle Centre @ Yishun.

Tell us a little about yourself.

My husband and I had been doing our own business for almost 40 years and in our 70s now. Our previous business was dealing with construction and civil engineering across Indonesia. He's now the centre manager for the Atomy Lifestyle Centre @ Yishun.
We’re now retired and like to spend our time doing missionary work and sharing the Gospel. 

I feel very blessed to be able to live a comfortable life with little financial issues and our children are all married with their own
families and blessed us with 7 grandchildren.

You’re already retired, why did you start your journey with Atomy?

‘It’s his fault”, she quirks. In the beginning, I strongly rejected Atomy because it was direct selling and such businesses were not well received here. I even rejected using any Atomy products. However, with my husband’s persistence, I reluctantly started researching more about Atomy.

I recall the first product I tried was the Aidam Cleanser. I was impressed by the quality of the product.
I then started looking into the Atomy business more seriously. This was in March 2018.

Was it ever a challenge to balance between starting a new business and time with the family?

As our children have all grown up, we had a lot of time to develop the Atomy business, and we decided to do this together.
I really like meeting new people and with the privilege of time on our side, we were able to build our team and guide
like-minded individuals to tap into this opportunity through Atomy.

Would you recommend others to do the same?

I’ve met many housewives who dream to have a financial breakthrough and struggle to find more purpose in life.
Many actually resign to their fate and live in disappointment and frustration, but that is because they have been unable to find a way out. 

I strongly believe that Atomy provides individuals with an alternative solution. Like any other business, you have to invest your time,
but when they start reaping the rewards, they’ll naturally be more confident in themselves and the Atomy success system.

With Mother’s Day happening this weekend. Is there anything you would like to share with other Moms out there?

To all Moms, continue to believe in yourself.
Believe in the life you want to live and be able to financially stand on your own feet.
Be open to opportunities, because they may not always knock on your door twice.

Atomy offers an opportunity for anyone, regardless of their background, to achieve more of what they want in life.
While it differs from each person, never discount yourself on what you can achieve in life.

A confident woman is an attractive woman.

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