Happy Mother's Day: Because you are Awesome

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In honor of Mother’s Day, we wanted to do a shout-out to all the Moms out there “You are AWESOME!”

We know many of our members doing the business are mums themselves and being an entrepreneur and managing your mummy duties is no joke. We managed to get a quick interview with Bai Min, Centre Manager for our Atomy Lifestyle Centre @ Bedok. She shares with us her story.

      Why did you decide to be an entrepreneur mom?

           I wanted to be able to provide the best for our children so I wanted to contribute to the family as well. 
My husband occasionally has to travel for long periods at a time for work. During these times, I would have to take care of the children on my own. 
However, it was difficult to find a full-time job that could provide the flexibility to care for my children.

           I started working part-time between the hours the children went to school but felt it could barely cover the household expenses.
So, I made the decision to give the Atomy business a try.

 How did you get started?

          I first got to know about Atomy in 2018, my daughter was 4 and my son was 11 at that time. Around that time, my daughter had a weak body and a
          friend shared with me some probiotics and vitamin C as supplements to improve her health.

We never had the habit to consume supplements and to my surprise, it does to some extent help to improve her overall wellbeing. That was the start of my relationship with the Atomy brand and we started taking these supplements regularly.

Was it difficult to manage your time between family and your business?

When the children went to school, I would use the time to build the business. The business allowed me the flexibility I needed.
As the business grew, I gradually became less pressured about finances. The milestones of success as I built the business, have given me a great sense of personal achievement, and being able to spend time with my children is important to me.

          Sometimes the best gifts are those that money can’t buy, and that is time with the family. Just today, my daughter made me a card for
          Mother’s day. It’s these simple pleasures in life that remind me, just how fortunate my journey has been.

          I recall another incident back in 2019, I was already doing the Atomy business for a year then. My husband had met with an unfortunate
         accident and I choose to stay home to care for him for about 2 months. I remember him asking me, “If you keep looking after me, then what
         about your business?”. It felt liberating to be able to tell him,

         “That is Atomy, when I have the time, I will do my best to share and continue to build my business. After one year of building the business, I now have a regular flow of income even when I’m not actively building the business, so he didn’t have to worry”.

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