2024 February Houston Spanish Regional Seminar

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2024 February Houston Spanish Regional Seminar

Atomy America hosted the first-ever Spanish Regional Seminar in Texas on February 17th, 2024.
This is also the first large-scale seminar besides the local One Day Seminar.
Atomy America is expanding the seminar to southern regions including the state of Florida. This event
was located at the Hyatt Regency Houston West Hotel.  Around 200 members attended, where members first
checked-in for the event at the registration desk. They collected their wristbands and seat numbers and enjoyed
social hour with coffee before the event started. We had Sharon Rose Master Nancy Diaz MC this event.

The MC started the event by reciting to Company Motto together, after that she introduced the
leaders to the stage. We look up to those leaders who have shown dedication to their
business and mentored others to do the same. It is important to remain inspired and
passionate in your businesses to achieve a bigger impact on all Atomy members!

We then had Sharon Rose Master Syl Di Diego present the Welcoming Speech. He inspired Atomians to never
give up and to keep working hard in your business. When you collaborate with people who have similar
goals and dreams as yours, anything is achievable! Don’t lose your faith and or vision, keep your dreams alive!

We had Atomy USA Branch Director Green Lim explain the details and importance of the GO100 Campaign.
He encourages members to go out and meet 100 new people everyday, and to introduce
them to Atomy. Everyone should know about Atomy’s amazing products and prices!

We had Sales Master Leonar Caylor present the Product Presentation. She taught the members about Atomy’s absolute
quality and absolute price. She explained how Atomy has all of your daily necessity items.
To household products, food, living, and health. You can get everything you need from Atomy.
Atomy’s affordable prices and exceptional quality are unmatched!

After the presentation, we had a quick break to add more energy and entertainment into the event!
We passed out HemoHim for members to enjoy HemoTime together! After that, we gave members
a chance to answer some trivia questions about products. Many members showed their
excitement to answer the questions. In doing so, they received a FREE prize!!


We then moved on to our Life Scenario presentations. We had Atomy Marketing
Manager Louis Lee and MC Sharon Rose Master Nancy Diaz interview selected members which
was set-up in a talk show style. Members had a change to come on stage to sit and discuss
their goals and dreams with all Atomians! It is crucial to write your Life Scenario at least
every month to ensure you plan and prioritize the most important things in your life.

  Star Master Manuel Herrera gave our last presentation of the evening, the Atomy Vision speech.
Manuel speaks with so much fire and passion, igniting the whole ballroom with inspiration.
He encourages members to attend  all seminars, explaining how beneficial it is to hear
and see those Atomians who have been successful in the business share advice for everyone.


We want to thank all Atomians who attended the first Spanish Regional Seminar of 2024!
We hope you left inspired and motivated in your Atomy business.
We can’t wait to see your beautiful faces at the next Spanish Regional Seminar!


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