Atomy Philippines donates to Philippine Hospitals fighting COVID-19

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The Coronavirus (COVID- 19) situation has caused distress, grief and devastating news to families in the country. The number of patients who are tested positive rising and the problems that every citizen faces especially without any source of income.

Atomy Philippines on 1st of April 2020 have come up and used their time to talk about how we can aid especially those healthcare workers, and frontliners in hospitals. Atomy Philippines donated 150 boxes of Atomy Sandwich Laver to some hospitals that we were able to reach to.

We know there hasn't been much positive news to come out of the pandemic but we hope we can share the ability to make light of the situation through helping.

We would like to take this opportunity to show our gratitude to our health workers and frontliners for being commited to their work and risking their own lives to fight against COVID-19.

Mabuhay po kayo!

Big smiles and thank you message from the health workers of Doctor Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital as they receive the Atomy Sandwich Laver.

Doctor Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital is one of the hospitals that cater COVID-19 patients. As per the health coordinator they're very happy that we were able to give donations to them.

Nurses and staffs of Jose Reyes Medical Center received boxes of Atomy Sandwich Laver. Jose Reyes Medical Center is located at the heart of Manila and also caters COVID-19 patients.

National Kidney and Transplant frontliners were very delighted to see boxes of our donation. It is a big helo for them to help them survive throughout the day with Atomy Sandwich Laver.

Philippine Heart Center one of the hospitals with most number of critical situation. They were very grateful for the snacks that Atomy Philippines gave.

A big smile really warms the heart.

Philippine Lung Center is also one of the recipients of Atomy Philippines donation.

San Lazaro Hospital is one of the first hospitals that caters COVID-19 patients also received the Atomy Sandwich Laver.

Salute to all the frontliners and health workers!

Your hardwork deserves all the appreciation, your compassion shows us the bright side of humanity.

Thank you for being an inspiration for all of us.


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