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Atomy UK Operational Updates (Chinese) 03 : 21
Atomy UK Operational Updates (Chinese)

(Chinese Edit)
On the 28th July 2021, Atomy UK officially launched supporting Europe and the UK. Less than 2 weeks later we are thrilled to provide an update on products, sign-ups and much more to our beloved members. Here Operations and Finance Director Samantha Hoong updates us on e

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Introduction to Education Centre (Chinese) 04 : 37
Introduction to Education Centre (Chinese)

An introduction to Education Centres! 

Education Centre Leader PV requirement updated as of Feb 2022:
Must have accumulated at least 5 million PV or above (700,000 Personal PV or above and Group PV of 4.3 million or above) from Atomy UK Shopping Mall orders in the past 12 months.  

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