Changing the face of network marketing - The Atomy Way

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Changing the world of Network Marketing – The Atomy Way

Network marketing, or multi-level marketing, has long been viewed as a divisive form of marketing, with a bad reputation – and we know why. Some businesses don’t operate within the rules and don’t take care of their members. 

Network marketing can be defined as, “A business model that depends on person-to-person sales by independent representatives, often working from home.” (Investopedia 2020).

Essentially, a network marketing organization allows individuals to run their own business as distributors of a company’s products.

Over the years, many supposed network marketing businesses have been denounced as pyramid schemes, focused on extracting money from their members. So, we’re going to say it openly here: ATOMY is not like this. Our business model, commission structure, ethos and fundamental principles result in a fair, sustainable and egalitarian way of operating. Atomy embraces and recognises networking marketing as one of the purest forms of marketing. In everyday life we are all network marketers, whether we realise it or not. Have you ever recommended a restaurant to your friends, or shared a link to a product through your WhatsApp group? You did network marketing. Atomy seeks to harness this as a force for good, and share the success.

Firstly, a little more about us. For those of you who have yet to hear about Atomy, we’re South Korea’s best kept secret. Founded in 2009, we have over 10 million members, 300 employees, and operate in more than 18 different countries – and we’re launching in the UK in 2021. We’re a BAM ( business as mission) organization; that means that we adopt core principles of sharing and giving back as part of the everyday fabric of our business, and we invest thousands of hours and millions of pounds every year in charitable endeavours.  

We are a consumer-orientated network marketing company. So much so that we position our members as the heartbeat of our organisation.

Many other retailers have a product and focus on how they can sell this to as many people as possible.  A network marketing company operating in this way focuses on how they can exploit their members to make as much as possible. This is usually a non-sustainable business model, which collapses more often than it succeeds.

Atomy’s consumer-orientated business model identifies its members’ needs and invests central resources to support, encourage and help them develop – then rewards their success.

Our members are the reason for our collective success; they drive our product innovation and expansion, and we wouldn’t exist without them. We select products that people use as part of their day-to-day life (and, for the most part, would be buying on a regular basis). We sell the products using a distribution strategy that means they can compete with department stores, regular shops, and other retail channels.

Atomy is committed to creating Masstige products – prestige, luxury goods for the mass market – with an underlying ethos of Absolute Quality, Absolute Price. This means Atomy’s products are unbeatable in quality for the price consumers pay.

We are leading a new age of retail, and we’re on a mission to transform the perception of network marketing, and show how it can be a fantastic tool for business success.

Why our approach is different

  1. Membership is free, and with Atomy there is no buy-in, unlike many other network marketing schemes. Becoming an Atomy distribution member (or a business member) is also completely free. It always has been, and it always will be.
  2. Atomy products are regular (and great quality) items, such as shampoo, skincare, and make-up. They are produced by one of the top beauty manufacturers in the world who also manufactures for some of the most premium brands in the industry. We do not sell ‘fad’ products. We invest heavily in customer and member research to ensure that we only develop products that enhance members’ lives. And, Atomy’s products are more than just useful; they are award-winning, top quality products in their own right.
  3. We operate a ‘binary’ plan. Network marketing companies who get it wrong give out the largest rewards to the smallest groups. Atomy turned this idea on its head, and shares the largest pot of commission with the largest group, cumulatively rewarding each person at each level. This means our model works for our members wherever they are in their distribution journey.
  4. We actively discourage ‘betting’. This is a network marketing term you may or may not be aware of. ‘Betting’ is a mechanic which some distributors will use illicitly to try and maximize their rewards. Atomy’s clever technical systems look out for this and, when it’s spotted, accounts are terminated.
  5. We provide everything a distributor could need. This includes the content and marketing collateral, created and produced by a dedicated team. As well as the marketing material, we provide step by step plans of how to set up your Atomy business. We want our members to feel that they always have the tools they need to run their business. We run regular, free training seminars and success academies to support distributors’ journey to success. We have said this already, and we’ll say it again: Atomy’s members are at the heart of everything we do.
  6. We approach business holistically. We are open and honest. Becoming an Atomy distributor full time, replacing a traditional ‘job’, is hard work. It can be incredibly rewarding and lucrative, although, like any job, it takes dedication, energy and drive to make it a success. It is not a ‘get rich quick’ money scheme.   We believe that money, although important, is not the ultimate key to a happy life, which is why we support all of our members with holistic training, developing their vision, goals and life planning.

We’re passionate about network marketing; it is the only marketing we do, and always will be. As the song goes: everything we do, we do it for you.

If you’re interested in learning more about Atomy, please follow our LinkedIn page, or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and BAND for more updates on our UK launch and how you can get involved.


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