Atomy 'Absolute Selective Skin Care' received IR52 Jang Young-Shil Award

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[Daily Marketing Newspaper]

Efficacy Ingredients Quickly and Accurately Targets skin cells -- Apply 'Special Delivery Technology'

The technology applied to Atomy's premium cosmetic line 'Absolute Selative Skin Care' was recognized as a new technology leading the times.
Atomy announced on the 24th that all six lines of'Absolute Selective Skin Care' received the 92nd 'IR52 Jang Young-sil Award'.
The 'special delivery technology' applied to the 'absolute selective skin care' line was recognized for it's skin improvement effect, and thus successfully obtained patents from the Korean Intellectual Property Office and completed the PCT international patent and Chinese patent applications.
This technology is characterized by finding skin cells with damaged skin-improving ingredients and allowing them to be absorbed quickly and accurately.
``Cosmetic DDS technology (Drug Delivery System), which combines anti-aging and whitening ingredients similarly and safely with skin, and ``medical DDS technology that enables stable and accurate access to damaged skin cells, targeted drug delivery technology'.
Beyond stably mixing the active ingredients, the ingredients of each function were delivered to the functioning cells more effectively, maximizing the skin beauty and improvement effect.
Atomy Absolute Selective Skin Care consists of 6 products - toner, ampoule, serum, lotion, eye complex, and nutrition cream. Since its release in September 2017, it has been sold to 13 global countries including 300 billion won in domestic sales. This is Atomy's representative basic line.
An official at Atomy said, “We have been continuously struggling to develop products that can lead the market.” “We succeeded in developing high-functional cosmetics through collaboration with Kolmar, Korea, which has unique technology.”
The IR52 Jang Yeong-Shil Award is named after Jang Young-Shil, the best scientist in the Joseon Dynasty of Korea, and selects and awards excellent new technology products every week. This is the second time that Atomy has been awarded, 'Atomy Essence' developed in 2012 based on 'selective concentrated nanocapsules using bio lipids and cosmetics manufacturing technology using the same'.

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