Montreal Seminar 10.09.2019

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Atomy Canada Montreal Seminar

Date: October 9th, 2019
Venue: Hotel Ruby Foo’s
Address: 7655 Decarie Blvd. Montreal, QC

MC: Syncia Chan
Product / Compensation Lecture: SM Angela Yoo
Testimony: Members
Road to Success: RM Jason Shim
Translation: Darlyn Sanon
# of participants: Approx. 120

Montreal attracts local and international visitors in all seasons with its culture and sceneries, but the southern Quebec city is more colourful than ever in autumn. Now Atomy is known by many parts of Canada, and one of the newer cities where many Atomians share Atomy’s “Absolute Quality, Absolute Price” is this French-speaking city, Montreal. This Month, Atomy Canada invited RM Jason Shim from Atomy America. As a third city of his Canadian Seminar tour, this American leader experienced fascinating culture of Montreal before the city is deep freeze.

Though it was Atomy Canada’s only second French-speaking seminar, approximately 120 people came to meet Atomy on October 9th. With many supports form leaders and members, the Montreal Seminar was successfully done! For those who unfortunately missed the seminar, we are here to recap this amazing event with some photos!

“Are my partners here yet…?” Seats were filled up very quickly with passionate members in Montreal!

MC: Syncia Chan
Welcomed by MC, Syncia Chan, attendees recited the company motto. It was fist time learning motto for many of them!

From Toronto and USA, leaders spent miles driving to visit their partners in Montreal.

Product and Compensation Plan Lecture by SM Angela Yoo
Atomy’s amazing products and amazing business model were introduced by Sales Master, Angela Yoo. Both products and compensation plan make Atomy a great opportunity for many of you. Thank you, SM Angela Yoo for visiting Montreal from Toronto to be on the stage!

Testimony by Atomy members
Another great part of Atomy seminar is testimony, where members hear each other’s experience with Atomy products and company. Seeing other members improving their life with Atomy made audience even more motivated and excited to have a better future!

Road to Success by RM Jason Shim
Many had waited for so long. It’s finally time to learn the secret paths to become successful from the true global leader of Atomy. RM Jason Shim visited from USA to share his vision with Atomy and discuss how world is changing quicker than ever. “Your next 5 years from now will create bigger changes than your last 50 years.” Are you ready for the big change?

Translation: Darlyn Sanon
A special thank you for Darlyn Sanon for translating 2 lectures!

Congratulation for the prize winners!

Having the Montreal Seminar marks a significant milestone for Atomy Canada and its members’ growth and bright future. We would like to thank you for MC Syncia Chan, SM Angela Yoo, and RM Jason Shim for delivering a fantastic event! Atomy Canada is also very very pleased for staffs, and many members drove hours to present. We hope today became a memorable day for many of you, and see many more people at the next opportunity. Thank you so much for the continuous support to Atomy Canada!


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