Vancouver Seminar 07.16.2019

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Atomy Canada Vancouver Seminar

Date: July 16th, 2019
Venue: Executive Suites Hotel Metro Vancouver
Address: 4201 Lougheed Hwy, Burnaby, BC V5C 3Y6

MC: SM Gordon Li
Welcoming Speech: STM Nari Jung
Introductory to Atomy 101: SRM Wayne Yap
Testimony: SM Maria Lui
Road to Success: STM Joo Young Park
# of participants: Approx. 140

On July 16th, Atomy Canada held the Vancouver Seminar at Executive Suites Hotel Metro Vancouver. STM Joo Young Park and Nari Jung traveled over 5,000 miles from Korea in their busy schedule to share their successful path to Canadian members. Around 140 people, including new members and guests, attended the seminar to meet the famous leaders of Global Atomy.

Welcoming Speech by STM Nari Jung
Bright and beautiful young leader, STM Nari Jung welcomed attendees to the Vancouver Seminar. She emphasized that Atomy is the company with the future. As a global leader of Atomy, she goes around the world to share a hope. Atomy brings many members ocean apart get together! Thank you, STM Nari Jung for visiting Canada from Korea!

Introductory to Atomy 101 by SRM Wayne Yap
The first lecture of the evening started with the review of the Atomy basics. SRM Wayne Yap introduced Atomy as a company, its products, and the business model.

Testimony by SM Maria Lui
SM Maria Lui shared her exciting experience with Atomy Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner. “Healthy hair doesn’t cost hundred dollars!” Thank you for sharing your stories! Don’t forget to try our new hair care products, Absolute Shampoo & Conditioner!!

Road to Success by STM Joo Young Park
Many had waited for long time, STM Joo Young Park finally visited Vancouver!
“Atomy is not only for you. It is a hope for individuals around you who are struggling and really want a new opportunity.” Attendees learned why they should share Atomy and how to save the ones who are looking for a better life. Thank you, STM Joo Young Park for your passionate lecture!

MC: SM Gordon Li
Thank you for making the event very engaging, SM Gordon Li!

It was a truly honorable night for Atomy Canada, hosting a seminar with leaders from Korea. We are very pleased to see the members from different parts of the world get together and share their secrets towards the same goal. For those who live in other areas of Canada, STM Joo Young Park and Nari Jung will meet you in Calgary (7/18), Toronto (7/20), and Montreal (7/22)! Please invite your family and friends to introduce Atomy and our absolute products! We are very very excited to see you in 3 cities!


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