Vancouver Success Academy 06.08.2019

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Vancouver Success Academy 06.08.2019

Date: June 8th, 2019
Event Time: 9:00 – 18:30
Venue: Executive Plaza Hotel Metro Vancouver
Attendee: approx. 140

MC: SM Angela Yoo
Welcoming Speech: STM Ming Iu
Introductory to Atomy 101: SRM Wayne Yap
Butterfly Effect Part 2: STM Rebecca Wong
Road to Success: STM Lin Qing Feng

Atomy Canada hosted 13th Success Academy in Vancouver, BC. This Vancouver season is very blessed with warm and sunny weather. Approximately 140 people from all over Canada, as well as outside the country, met together in this beautiful city of Vancouver to meet Atomy family, learn paths to success, and about this premier company!

For those who were not able to attend this time in Vancouver, here is the event review for Atomy Canada’s 13th Success Academy on June 8th!

Atomy Canada’s premium event was held at this beautiful venue, Executive Plaza Hotel Metro Vancouver.

Since early morning, everyone arrived at the venue full of energy!

MC: SM Angela Yoo
This event was carried out by SM Angela Yoo from Toronto. She brought the venue together with the large enthusiasm and bright smiles!

Oath by GM Jon Oh & SM John Wu

Welcoming Speech by STM Ming Iu
Sharing his first experience at Success Academy, STM Ming Iu welcomed members and guests as a leader of Atomy Canada to the Success Academy!

Introductory to Atomy by SRM Wayne Yap
First lecture of the event was presented by SRM Wayne Yap. With the product demo session, he introduced the company to Atomy beginners!

Atomy - A Company of Dreams (VOD) by Chairman Han Gill Park
Looking back at Atomy’s past 10 years, Chairman shared what it was like in the early stage of Atomy, and he also predicted the direction of Atomy’s next 10 years. We all learned that we have to live in the future!

Butterfly Effect Part 2 by STM Rebecca Wong
STM Rebecca Wong discussed how having a strong belief in yourself makes your journey possible. “What you believe creates your life.” Let’s believe in what you want to become.

Testimony by SM Pamela Lui

Testimony by Raymond De Leon

Road to Success by STM Lin Qing Feng
A successful leader of the global Atomy visited Canada all the way from Taiwan to share his path. Five years of his hard work created a stable income. “Not only did Atomy provide me a stable life, I have been making new friends, and enjoying traveling with them because of Atomy.”
Thank you, STM Lin Qing Feng for motivating many Atomians with your lecture!

Life Scenario (VOD) by CEO Han Gill Park
Members learned how to plan their life scenarios from a lecture presented by our greatest CEO, Han Gill Park.

Drafting Life Scenario

Life Scenario Presentations


From February 16th 2018 to May 15th 2019, there were total of 214 new Sales Masters, 38 new Diamond Masters, 8 new Sharon Rose Masters, and 2 new Star Masters across Canada!!!

New Sales Masters

Sales Master Promotion Speech

New Diamond Masters

Diamond Master Promotion Speech

New Sharon Rose Masters

Sharon Rose Master Promotion Speech

New Star Masters

Star Master Promotion Speech

Facebook Comment Challenge Winner
Did you participate in the Facebook Comment Challenge? The member with the best answer was given The Fame!!!! Thank you all for participating the competition!

Prize winners!!

It was a truly honorable day for Atomy Canada, hosting Vancouver Success Academy with a Taiwanese leader and great presenters. Thank you everyone for attending and bringing this special event together in one piece! For those who were unable to attend this time, we hope to see you at the next Success Academy! Thank you!


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