Calgary Seminar 11.06.2018

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Atomy Canada Calgary Seminar

Date: November 6th, 2018
Venue: Holiday Inn Express & Suites Calgary NW - University Area
Address: 2373 Banff Trail NW, Calgary, AB T2M 4L2

MC: SM Imelda Church
Testimony: DM Thomas Mok
Product / Compensation Plan: SRM Wayne Yap
Road to Success: DM Stevie Chung
# of participants: Approx. 40

With November already here, Calgary is ready to host a winter fairy tale with sparkling snowflakes. These early winter months of Calgary still experienced some mild and crisp autumn conditions, but the dry and cold air with light snow helped carry on the winter cheer. On November 6th, when magical snow covered the entire city, Atomy Canada had our Calgary seminar. It was a very cold day and many must have wanted to roll up into a hundred blankets at home; however, about 40 very passionate people made it here to be with Atomy Canada!

Calgary seminar was hosted at Holiday Inn Express & Suites Calgary NW. Covered by the white snow, the venue looked even more gorgeous!

For those who unfortunately missed our Calgary Seminar, here is the quick review!

Company Introduction by CEO Han Gill Park
The audience watched a lecture video presented by Atomy’s CEO Han Gill Park. We learned how Atomy is providing our absolute quality at an absolute price. Try our products first, and start sharing to others only if you like them. We have a huge confidence in our products!

Testimony by DM Thomas Mok
“We are so lucky to have Atomy products in Canada.” DM Thomas Mok shared his positive experiences with HemoHIM; seeing improvements in his health conditions after consistently taking HemoHIM for 4 months. Thank you for sharing your experience with Atomy!

Atomy Products and Compensation Plan Lecture by SRM Wayne Yap
As everyone's favourite holiday season is approaching, SRM Wayne Yap shared his list of Christmas gifts you can possibly get to your family and friends from Atomy. He explained how our absolute products are produced, and how they improve our health and lifestyle. He also lectured Atomy’s compensation model; explaining Atomy business is here for everyone and Atomy prepares many resources for them. With many examples, it was a very fun, but informative lecture. Thank you Wayne!

Road to Success Lecture by DM Stevie Chung
DM Stevie Chung shared his thoughts on Atomy, and what makes you successful. “How strong is your desire to succeed?” He emphasized the importance of strong desire in your future with Atomy. Attendees learned that we need to work on visualizing what we will be doing when the dream comes true. If you cannot see your dream clearly in detail, then your desire is not strong enough. It was very meaningful lecture. Thank you, Stevie for coming from Toronto and share your thoughts!

MC: SM Imelda Church
Thank you, SM Imelda Church for being the host of our fun Calgary Seminar!

Although it was quite cold and roads were not the best, thank you for attending and bringing family and friends to our Calgary Seminar. It was great to see some new faces studying about Atomy very hard. For those who could not join this time, we hope to see you at the next opportunity. Again, thank you for your continued support to Atomy Canada. See you everyone in Calgary next year!



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