Vancouver Mandarin Seminar 11.13.2018

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Atomy Canada Vancouver Mandarin Seminar

Date: November 13th, 2018
Venue: Executive Suites Hotel Metro Vancouver
Address: 4201 Lougheed Hwy, Burnaby, BC V5C 3Y6

MC: DM Cindy Tan
Product Introduction: DM Vicky Le
Testimony: SM Shiau-Jing Huang
Compensation Plan: SM Gordon Li
Road to Success: RM Hsiao-Chuang Huang
# of participants: Approx. 75

November is half over, and the colder weather makes us feel that the seasons of autumn and winter is intersecting at any moment. Through the month of November, Vancouver experiences many days of rain, however, mother nature cannot stop us from enjoying the beautiful autumn foliage around the seawall. November is also a special month for Atomians, as two special guests travelling from half way across the globe. On November 13th, Atomy Canada hosted a mandarin seminar. Approximately 75 people attended, listening and learning from two honored guests from Atomy Taiwan!

For those who had missed the event, here is a quick review!

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Atomy Canada’s Vancouver Mandarin seminar was hosted at the beautiful venue, Executive Suites Hotel Metro Vancouver.

Company Introduction by CEO Han Gill Park
Seminar started with a lecture given by our greatest chairman, Han Gill Park. Atomy is for everyone. You don’t have to be pretty or have completed your education to do well in the business.

Product Introduction: DM Vicky Le
With very detailed information and personal experience of each product, DM Vicky Le delivered her very first lecture successfully. “Atomy products made my life brand-new. Try Atomy products as much as you can, so that you will truly fall in love with Atomy, and yourself.”

Testimony by SM Shiau-Jing Huang
Testimony was given by a member from Taiwan, SM Shiau-Jing Huang. “I was lucky to have my mother as a role model. I have seen a lot of effort my mother put into her journey. And with Atomy, I am ready to follow her footsteps to become successful!”

Compensation Lecture by SM Gordon Li
SM Gordon Li emphasized the beauty of Atomy business; it is a business where everyone works hard for each other. Atomians do not only seek their own success, but success in others around them. His lecture motivated the audience. A big applause was given to our proud member, SM Gordon Li!

Road to Success by RM Hsiao-Chuang Huang
The true master of Global Atomy, RM Hsiao-Chuang Huang, finally visited Canada and shared her secrets to her success. Sharing the stories of her difficult days in the past, she lectured the importance of having strong belief in Atomy and the belief you can succeed. Atomy requires work, and thru perilous trials of learning and sharing, we will all meet at the top.“

MC: DM Cindy Tan
Thank you, DM Cindy Tan for carrying out the special event as our MC for the night. Sharing her thoughts, she provided a very meaningful night for all of us.

It was such an honour to host a seminar here in Vancouver with guests from overseas and with so many passionate members attending. Thank you so much for participating and sharing your stories and experiences. A very exciting Christmas season is among us! As it was announced during the seminar, Atomy Canada will be sending our Christmas Card with each website order in 2 days from November 16th.Try not to miss this very limited-offer! We have 3 more seminars left in 2018. We hope to see many more of you at the next opportunity!



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