Atomy Canada VIP Club Workshop 10.22.2018

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Date: October 22nd, 2018
Event Time: 10:00 – 17:00
Venue: Shangri-La Banquet Hall & Convention Centre

2018 has been a remarkable year for Atomy Canada. The very first Sharon Rose Master Promotion Trip was scheduled to Cuba, 4 members proudly promoted to Star Masters, Atomy Canada VIP Club was formed, and then on October 22nd, Atomy Canada had our very first VIP Club Workshop! Nearly 40 leaders of Atomy Canada were able to attend on Monday, got to know each other, and learned how to perform as a leader.

Now, please allow us to share a review of our special day at Atomy Canada VIP Club Workshop!

With some delicious pastries and coffee, our VIP Club Workshop started at 10 am.

Welcoming Speech: CM Young Sung Yoon
Atomy Canada’s very first VIP Workshop began with the congratulatory and welcoming words from Atomy’s first member, Crown Master Young Sung Yoon. Thank you, CM Young Sung Yoon for representing all the leaders of Global Atomy and sharing this momentous event with us in Canada!

Leaders are VIPs: Dr. Sung Yeong Lee
The first lecture of VIP Workshop was given by Dr. Sung Yeon Lee. Titled “Leaders are VIPs,” his lecture explained to our leaders how to maintain their attitude as a leader, and lead themselves and their partners to success.

Future Plan and Direction of Atomy Canada: GM Jon Oh
The year of 2018 is coming to an end in 2 months. We have had many events with Atomy Canada members, and that continues next year. Atomy Canada’s General Manager, Jon Oh shared what we had achieved in 2018, and also presented Atomy Canada’s future plan and direction.

Learn from Imperial Master: IM Doug Woo Lee
Our leaders also learned from Atomy’s second Imperial Master, Doug Woo Lee. Many took notes during his lecture to gain as much as possible from his story about becoming a great leader in Atomy.

Atomy’s Strategy for the Future: Chairman Han Gill Park
Leaders also learned about the future of Global Atomy. They watched the lecture video of CEO Han Gill Park.

Learn from Imperial Master: IM Sung-il Kim
Atomy’s third Imperial Master, Sung-il Kim also stopped by our workshop to share his stories on his way to the airport. You always have to have the mindset of a leader, and give as much as possible to your partners and to Atomy. “Love is the very key to your success.” Thank you IM Sung-il Kim for making time to visit our VIP Club Workshop in your busy schedule!

Game Activity
Leaders had a chance to get to know each other by playing a game together. This True and False game included many questions about Atomy Canada’s employees too! As we are going through this Atomy adventure of success together, it was a great opportunity to get to know each other and be one big family! How much did you know about us?

Group Discussion
Leaders were assigned with random teams and discussed about leadership, Atomy business issue, and Atomy’s future. Coming from different countries, different regions and environment, each team spent very meaningful time with deep discussions.

Team Presentation
Each team presented their thoughts and solutions on the given topics. There were many creative answers and presentations! Many leaders valued this opportunity to share their thoughts on the much bigger picture and long term. Every team deserves a big applause!

Atomy Canada is extremely proud and thankful for this opportunity to organize our very first workshop here in Canada. Thanks to many supporters, our workshop was held very successfully. We all learned that in order to continue on our long journey, both the leaders and the company need to work together. This workshop was a milestone and proof that Atomy Canada is growing bigger and better than ever. We were honoured to be able to invite many leaders of Atomy Canada as part of this experience, and we are extremely excited to share this growth with you all. Thank you for your continued support, and we are very excited to see many more members attending to our VIP Club Workshop next year.


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