Toronto Success Academy 10.20.2018

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Toronto Success Academy 10.20.2018

Date: October 20th, 2018
Event Time: 9:00 – 18:30
Venue: Toronto Airport Marriott Hotel
Attendee: approx. 600

MC: DM Martin Hahn
Welcoming Speech: RM Namee Lee
Journey to Your Healthy Living: DM Raymond Chan
Compensation Plan: SRM Essie Lee
The Butterfly Effect: STM Rebecca Wong
Road to Success: IM Sung-il Kim

Atomy Canada triumphantly hosted our 11th Success Academy in Canada. Approximately 600 people from all over Canada, as well as outside the country, met together in Toronto, Canada’s largest city, to attend to this special and fun event!

Only about 5 minutes away from Toronto Pearson Airport, our Success Academy was held at the beautiful Toronto Airport Marriott Hotel.

As Canada’s largest metropolis, Toronto is one of the most cutting-edge cities in Canada, home to many large companies, vast shopping centres, delicious restaurants, world-class theatres, and is a popular locale for the film and music industry. Many attendees from different backgrounds sat together, learning more about Atomy’s products, business, and one another. It was definitely a successful event with very informative lectures, special guests and fun moments.

For those who were not able to attend this time, here is the event review for Atomy Canada’s 11th Success Academy on October 20th!

MC: DM Martin Hahn
This very special event was hosted by DM Martin Hahn, who was invited all the way from North Carolina, USA. His positive presence, sense of humour, and ability to engage and motivate attendees were outstanding. Our Success Academy could not have been this successful without Martin!

Oath: Alex Cheung & GM Jon Oh
Alex Cheung was the representative of the oath. His strong voice set the tone for all of the audience, getting them ready to learn and absorb as much as they can from Success Academy!

Welcoming Speech: RM Namee Lee
Atomy Canada’s very first Royal Master, Namee Lee, represented all the leaders of Atomy Canada to welcome attendees to our 11th Success Academy! Atomy was once known for providing hope to people in Korea, but now, Atomy company is a big hope for many people all over the world! Why don’t we work together? Many more opportunities are waiting for you.

Journey to Your Healthy Living: DM Raymond Chan
First lecture of our Success Academy was presented by our proud Diamond Master, Raymond Chan. With the introduction of major diseases we might get, Raymond lectured why HemoHIM and Hongsamdan help you to improve our health and prevent from those diseases. Such an informative lecture! Thank you.

Compensation Plan: SRM Essie Lee
SRM Essie Lee’s lecture started with why Atomy can provide absolute products at an absolute price all over the globe, and then explained why Atomy applies Multi-level Marketing model and how it works. “Whether you do Atomy or not, time will pass. Whether you do Atomy or not, Atomy will thrive and help many people succeed. So, what are you waiting for?”


The Butterfly Effect: STM Rebecca Wong
Atomy Canada’s new Star Master, Rebecca Wong presented a special lecture, titled “The Butterfly Effect.” Mistakes that you made in the past are not really mistakes, but your experience. Why are you obsessed with your past? With Atomy, you have to look, think, and act for your future. The decision you make today, will change your future. Stop looking back the past, and make the right choice today for your future.

Road to Success: IM Sung-il Kim
Atomy Canada invited Atomy’s proud Imperial Master, Sung-il Kim from Korea! Some attendees dreamed to listen to his lecture since the day he was promoted to Imperial Master, and finally he is here in Canada. Started as a driver, now he has his own driver. The road was not easy, but he is the proof of your future success! His lecture was very positive and inspiring which cherished everyone's spirit!

Life Scenario Presentations

- Promotion Ceremony -

Tiffany Hanus and Jeremy Bellaviti
To cerebrate Atomy Canada member’s mastership promotion, we invited professional jazz musicians, Tiffany Hanus and Jeremy Bellaviti. With a beautiful Christmas song, this entire Toronto venue was filled with early Christmas joy!

- New Sales Masters -

- New Diamond Masters -

- New Sharon Rose Masters -

- New Star Masters -

Congratulations on your hard work to be promoted to the higher mastership! Many smiles and tears… our promotion ceremony was filled with joy and happiness. Everyone can become an Imperial Master, and Atomy Canada is ready to walk your journey with everyone until you all meet at the top!

Try Me Competition
For everyone to experience Atomy Canada’s new beauty products; Atomy Cushion Foundation, Atomy Lipsticks, and Atomy Rose Rain Mist, we held a competition to post your pictures with the new products on Instagram! Thank you for your participation and sharing your creative photos everyone!

We would like to send you a huge appreciation for being a part of Atomy Canada’s 11th Success Academy in this beautiful city, Toronto. Success Academy is a very significant part of Atomy’s Success System, where members get to know each other, and learn from each other and the company. Atomy Canada is very pleased to share this positive and memorable moments with all of you. As we always promise for betterment, we will again come back with better Success Academy next year, on May 11th! We hope to see everyone again!


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