Toronto Success Academy 07.14.2018

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Toronto Success Academy 07.14.2018
  •  Date: July 14th, 201
  • Time: 9:00 – 18:30
  • Venue: Delta Hotels by Marriott Toronto Airport & Conference Centre
  • Attendees: approx. 600
  • MC: SRM Rebecca Wong
  • 2018 New Product Introduction: DM Cheryl Boniel
  • 4th Industrial Revolution: SRM Ming Iu
  • Road to Success: CM Dong Cheol Park
  • Seven Words to Live by for Your Beautiful Life: Dr. Sung Yeon Lee
  • Balanced Life & Life Scenario: CEO Han Gill Park (VOD)
  • Translation: DM Samuel Park & SRM Aeri Jeong

Happy 10th Success Academy!

It was Atomy Canada’s 10th Success Academy since we opened in 2011.
Around 600 people, from all over Canada and as well as outside the country, met together in Toronto to celebrate this momentous event!

Only about 5 minutes away from Canada’s largest airport, the event was held at the beautiful Delta Hotel by the Marriott Toronto Airport & Conference Centre.
Toronto, the capital of the province of Ontario, is Canada’s largest metropolis, home to easily over 6 million people from many different places around the globe. Its diverse cultures and communities have created Toronto as a vibrant global city - where you meet people, food, and lifestyle from all over the world.
Now, please allow us to introduce July 14th Toronto Success Academy!

During the registration period, attendees shared “How Atomy is making their life better” in the Photobooth.
Congratulations to the prize winners, and thank you to all participants for sharing their creative and positive experiences with Atomy Canada!

MC: SRM Rebecca Wong

This very special event was carried by SRM Rebecca Wong from Vancouver, BC.
Her extraordinary energy was infectious and the room was filled with the positive energy.
Oath: Ferdinand Ekaputra & GM Jon Oh

Ferdinand Ekaputra was the representative of the oath for this event.
His very committed oath left the entire room very focused and eager to learn throughout the event.
2018 New Product Introduction: DM Cheryl Boniel

New products introduced and to be launched during 2018 by Atomy Canada were shared by the beautiful and powerful woman, DM Cheryl Boniel. Atomy is your choice to become healthier and prettier, because Atomy cares for you, your betterment, and your smiles!
4th Industrial Revolution: SRM Ming Iu

SRM Ming Iu focused on our future – what to expect of our society heading into the 4th Industrial Revolution.
Everyone needs to plan for their future and the future is just around the corner.
Is Atomy in your future? Those who are serious with Atomy business can secure their future - It’s never too late to take actions!
Road to Success: CM Dong Cheol Park

The true leader of Atomy, CM Dong Cheol Park came to Canada to share his path to achievements all the way to the Crown Master! “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, then you have to work till the day you die.” Atomy system is made for everyone to be successful. Together, let’s shout “I can do it! I can do it!”
Testimony: Indica Ten Den

Sharing her first experience attending Success Academy, Indica Ten Den demonstrated her true passion for Atomy and her own growth.
Thank you Indica for the enthusiastic testimony!
Seven Words to Live By for Your Beautiful Life: Dr. Sung Yeon Lee

We have waited for this lecture for a long time. Dr. Lee is finally here in Toronto to share his lecture to Canadian members.
He gave a great speech to help lead you to becoming an Imperial Master.
The significant factor of success is not about your IQ. Do you have passion and perseverance to push till the end?
Life Scenario Presentation
4 people shared their life scenario presentations.
If you plan, stay on the track and keep making efforts, everyone will achieve their goals with Atomy.
As CEO Han Gill Park says… “having a balanced life is the key!”
Music Performance: Sammy V
To celebrate member’s mastership promotion, Atomy Canada invited a professional violinist, Sammy V for the music performance. His amazing performance filled the venue with excitement and applause – a wonderful performance attendees are sure to remember for a long time!

New Sales Masters

New Diamond Masters

New Sharon Rose Masters

New Star Masters

New Royal Master
During the promotional ceremony, 106 Sales Masters, 26 Diamond Masters, 10 Sharon Rose Masters, 2 Star Masters, and 1 Royal Master were been promoted. Congratulations on your hard work to be where you are!
Everyone can become an Imperial Master, and Atomy Canada is ready to be with everyone for their Atomy journey!
We would like to thank for all who witnessed this significant cornerstone of Atomy Canada as we hosted our 10th Success Academy. It was a very, very successful day with many positive energies.

We would like to thank everyone for attending Success Academy. 'We are very pleased with the outcome and we promise to be back with more informative and more entertaining program!!!


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