Calgary Seminar 06.12.2018

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Atomy Canada Calgary Seminar

Date: June 12th, 2018
Venue: Holiday Inn Express & Suites Calgary NW – University Area
Address: 2373 Banff Trail NW, Calgary, AB, T2M 4L2
MC: SRM Rebecca Wong
Product Introduction: DM Raymond Chan
Testimony: Song Tan
Compensation Plan: SRM Essie Lee
Road to Success: STM Jeannie Lee
# of Participants: 75


Calgary, a cosmopolitan Alberta city with numerous skyscrapers was still rich in oil with clear sky and beautiful emerald rivers, despite that it was already our third time coming to Calgary in 2018. The ultimate “oil city” was right in the season for its famous Banff hiking and various events and festivals, including Atomy Canada’s June Calgary Seminar.


Atomy Canada Calgary Seminar was hosted on June 12th in Olympic Oval room of Holiday Inn Express & Suites. On the day of seminar, the sky was clear with fluffy clouds floating in the ozone layer, as if even the sky was ready for this extraordinary event.

Our MC of the day was Sharon Rose Master Rebecca Wong.

With her smooth lead of the seminar that was just as beautiful as herself, Calgary seminar started off with a strong and big shout of our traditional motto shouting.

Product Introduction Lecture by Diamond Master Raymond Chan

After our beloved Han Gill Park’s VOD that helped Calgarians to gain a better understanding of the company, DM Raymond Chan gave his speech on the products of Atomy Canada, specifically with a depth to the health products to commemorate Father’s Day and all fathers out there.

Testimony by Song Tan

Song Tan gave us her testimony on how the skin care products made her even more beautiful than before. After her thoughtful speech, we all rooted for her success through Atomy.

Compensation Plan Lecture by Sharon Rose Master Essie Lee

SRM Essie Lee came all the way from Toronto with us for this specific extraordinary event! With her veteranized speech on our compensation plan, it was possible to learn more about the details of Atomy as a business itself and understand that Atomy is straightly forwarded for consumer success.

Road to Success Lecture by Star Master Jeannie Lee

Atomy Canada had proudly introduced this woman to the members of Atomy in Calgary. Our newly promoted STM Jeannie Lee came all the way from Toronto to tell Calgarians about her Road to Success. It was a pleasurable time to listen to her life story with Atomy without any doubt.
“Humble. That had been the keyword for 4 years that led me to my success.”

Translation by SRM Essie Lee

We would like to thank everyone for attending Atomy Canada Calgary Seminar of June, and we would like to give another round of applause for all the lecturers who had taken this time to make this event successful. We would love for all of those who could not attend to experience this city at the next opportunity, and to share your time with us at the next Atomy Canada Seminar! Thank you. Atomy Canada will come back next time to Calgary with more exciting events than ever.


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