Official Instagram Account of Global Atomians is Open

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The official Instagram account of Global Atomians is now open.

“Atomians,” a magazine that includes stories of successful global Atomians, launched an online service on Instagram.The official Instagram account of global Atomians will be provided in Korean, English, and Simplified Chinese.
Thanks to the official Instagram account, it is now quick and easy to share the Atomy content with anyone interested in Atomy as well as global partners.

Instagram event to build followers of the official global Atomians account lasts from July 12 to July 21, where you can follow the account and tag your friends you would like to share the Atomy content with. If you tag a number of friends or your tagged friends follow the official Instagram account of global Atomians, your chances of winning the event will go up.
Winners will receive a new Atomy product as a prize.

To follow the Global Atomians account on Instagram, click the link below or search for “atomians_official” on Instagram.

Go to Global Atomians Instagram Account

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