Atomy Hand Therapy – For fresh and tender hands

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Atomy Hand Therapy – For fresh and tender hands

After washing your hands, the water on your hands evaporates while taking away the moisture along with it. This actually accelerates the dryness of the skin. Thus, it is important to completely dry your hands with a towel or tissue and apply hand cream. In particular, going outside without gloves or washing dishes with bare hands make the hands rougher during the cold windy season. There is a saying that a woman's age can be determined by looking at her hands. As the most exposed and sensitive skin area, it is important to constantly care for your hands.

Introducing Atomy Hand Therapy, which moisturizes rough hands exposed to heat, cold, and dust. Also, through its whitening and wrinkle improvement effects, Atomy’s Hand Therapy helps you have fresher and brighter hands.




Hand Therapy with whitening effect (30ml each)

- Pink (Rose Water scent) & Blue (Soft Poppy scent)

Smooth balm type as if covered in silk


Whitening effect cosmetic that contains niacinamide to care for your skin to become shinier and clearer.

Main Substances


Niacinamide, rose water, poppy seed extract, aloe vera, and portulaca extract


* What is Niacinamide?

   Substance that whitens and brightens the skin with Vitamin B3’s whitening and skin tone care.


Product Characteristics

Helps protect skin by transferring concentrate liquid gel / moisturizing oil to the skin

Women’s must-have product that protects damaged skin

All-in-one care for rough and hard skin

Rich moisturizing nutrients

Brighter skin with glossiness

Wrinkle-improving Hand Therapy [30ml each]

- Green (Citrus Lemon scent) & Brown (Shea Butters scent)


Highly moisturized, highly concentrated, fresh whipping type for firm, shiny and vibrant hands

Functional cosmetic product that improves wrinkles with less stickiness due to formation of aqua micro network

Main Substances

Adenosine, shea butter, lemon extract, almond oil, and kava kava extract

* What is Adenosine?

 Substance certified by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety to improve skin elasticity and wrinkles

Product Characteristics


High moisturizing effect by forming Aqua Micro Network

Sherbet Matrix helps form moisture barrier

It has a whipped cream-like texture that melts as it is applied, giving it a unique texture and soft feel

+ [How to Use Hand Therapy]

+ Good products to use together with

Hands exposed to harmful environment! Cleans dirt and harmful substances!

Atomy Hand Soap [300ml]

Feel safe with Atomy’s Hand Soap - made with 98% natural ingredients

No sulfate, Mild cleansing with palm and coconut detergent substances

Complex orange extract and plant-based moisturizing substances included for hand care

Economical Hand Soap with abundant foam

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