(05/11/2019~05/18/2019) ATOMY America Success Academy

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ATOMY America Success Academy was commenced during the month of May. Los Angeles took the first start at Hyatt Regency on May 11th. Led by Paul Cote SRM’s opening statement, followed by Rocelyn Symmonds SRM’s product introduction. Marketing introduction was delivered by Darlene Kim SRM.

Handed over by LA, Seattle was held at Four Point Hotel. Seminar was led by Janell Nunez SM and opening statement was delivered by In Yeop Jung STM. Product and Marketing Introduction was presented by Julie Kim DM and Eydie Forte SM.


Atomy Vision for Los Angeles and Seattle was presented by Daniel Lim SRM. He emphasized how writing daily logs and planning next meeting with possible buyer or partners on the spot can help you running your business effectively. Also mentioned treating this business like it’s your daytime job and making a business logs are very important, and it will lead you to success faster and healthier.

Eastern region’s first location at Atlanta, Georgia was filled with passionate people who are eager to learn more about ATOMY and their enthusiastic minds were overwhelming the event hall. With awesome Han Kim SRM’s great crowd leading, Eunice Hahn STM’s opening statement touched many people’s heart. Jay Pak DM introduced ATOMY products and Aman Cirius DM took over next for marketing introduction.


New Jersey’s May Success Academy was oriented at Teaneck Marriott Hotel. The whole event was led by Martin Hahn DM. His witty and crowd-pleasing talks grabbed all of attendees to focus how ATOMY can be fun but rewarding at the same time when we help each other’s success. Jennifer Lim SRM delivered opening statement by saying all the benefit she received from ATOMY, hopefully everyone can benefit from doing ATOMY business. Vanessa Bacca SM and Darlene Kim SRM presented Product and Marketing after.

Atlanta and New Jersey’s Atomy Vision was delivered by Minyeong Kim RM from Korea. She talked how she started ATOMY business because of her husband, and she believed she could do the business better than him after she attended Chairman Han Gil Park’s balance and life lecture. His lecture pierced her heart and ignited fire in her heart.

All ATOMY Success Academy attendees were writing their own version of Life Scenario to prepare for their future. By writing it, it will help them to guide and help navigating their lives according to their own desired lifestyles. From the period of January 16th and April 15th, 2019, there were total 244 new Sales Masters, 44 new Diamond Masters and 7 new Sharon-Rose Masters. And two new Star Masters from Atlanta, Georgia, Florence Lindor and Mireeae Kim. Congratulations!

Total participants of 2019 May ATOMY Success Academy were 580 for Los Angeles, 250 for Seattle, 680 for Georgia and 800 for New Jersey. We were thrilled to watch each participants’ endless passion for ATOMY and we felt few fires starting inside of new ATOMY members eager to achieve their goal. We look forward to seeing them succeed and hopefully greet them with open arm in coming August Success Academy. Ah-za! Ah-za! Ah-za!


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