(02/13/2019~02/19/2019) ATOMY America Success Academy

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ATOMY Seattle Success Academy

2019 Seattle Success Academy commenced with all members taking the oath of ATOMY motto, which is ‘Cherish the Spirit’, ‘Create the Vision’, ‘Follow the Faith’, ‘Serve in Humility’ then finished off with Ah-za! three times.

Janell Nunez SM was the MC of the event, even though her first time taking MC for the Success Academy, but it was very successful!

As Seonhwa Ju RM flew back to Seattle to spread her success story to local Seattle participants she stated, “I couldn’t ignore their desperate desires to learn more about ATOMY.” She was undeniably touched by their hearts and gladly came to the event.

The highlight of the night was given to Jin Ae Hwang RM, she was promoted to New Royal Master from Star Master. When you become a Royal Master, you will be given cash of $50,000 USD, car rental fee, 4 travel tickets along with $2,000 per month for holding sponsorship activities. She was giving the speech to the audience, she stated “I hope all of you become successful in ATOMY as there is a saying in ATOMY that ‘it’s a miracle if you don’t succeed in ATOMY’ so challenge yourself in ATOMY!”

ATOMY Los Angeles Success Academy

2019 ATOMY Los Angeles Success Academy was held at Hyatt Regency right off LAX airport. Registration hall was filled with participants eager to register for the seminars. To make sure things go smoothly ATOMY staffs working hard serving participants to minimize errors. 

The MC of the day at the seminar was Julie Kim DM, when she was MC for previous year’s MC at Seattle Success Academy, her brightness and charismatic energy lead all participants enjoy more so she continues to propel by leading 2019’s first Success Academy at Los Angeles, California.

Tae Yi DM was introducing ATOMY products as she flashed her magnificent sales skills to the audience. How Absolute Quality Absolute Price can affect your daily lives and can actually improve your entire life!

Marketing plans were followed by Jay Pak DM where she explained how ATOMY compensates commission to members fairly and accurately. Also differences between each levels earning requirements to receive promotion bonus.

Seonhwa Ju RM, the first youngest Royal Master in ATOMY history, shared her visions through the eyes of ATOMY and how ATOMY changed her view of life and now she is giving it back to community specifically where teenagers are in need help. Also stated anyone can achieve what she achieved with courage and will.

Participants passionately working on their Life Scenario wishes to become true in real life as they will put hard work. Establishing goals and making resolutions truly pays off to become the success in ATOMY.

ATOMY New Jersey Success Academy

New Jersey’s first Success Academy of the year has launched! Total attendees were almost 700 and it was filled with massive heat of people with a passion to learn more about ATOMY!

Sandi explains how she became part of ATOMY after her friend, now a husband handed her ATOMY toothpaste and then ATOMY skincare products back in 2017 realizing the quality of the product shocked her away. She decided to join ATOMY after listening to CEO Park’s speech touched her heart and realizing how he cares for his people.

Aman Cirius DM talks about the hardships you face when you are supporting people you love when you don’t have financial powers are restricted. And in 2016 big fortune came to him which was ATOMY. “Wow, this is it. While here, my life can change, and my family can see the light.” Said Aman. He also added that only thing you need to do is keep repeating yourself, open your ears and open your minds to become successful you and your family. 

ATOMY Vision speaker was Rebecca Wong STM. She says ATOMY is not an easy business and success does not come easily no matter what you do, but it all starts from you. It the people’s attitudes and doubts running through their heads. Quitting is not an option. And you must ask why you are doing ATOMY constantly, making sure they find passionate reasons. She gives 6 key business steps, that are: 1. Decide what you want to do, 2. Study until you make sure, 3. Have a strong goal, 4. Find a reason why you do, 5. Plan to achieve your goal and lastly 6. take action!

ATOMY Atlanta Success Academy

The first success academy of the year held at Infinite Center at Atlanta, Georgia. Total of 490 people were gathered in one place to hear the good news from ATOMY.

The principle of offering quality products that are the reasonable price is the core value ATOMY aims for. All products in ATOMY including skincare products, health supplements, and household supplies are made with this principle of Absolute Quality Absolute Price in mind.

ATOMY’s global strategy is called GSGS, Global Sourcing, Global Sales. ATOMY’s GSGS strategies for global market place so that people all over the world regardless of race or nationalities can have access to ATOMY’s masstige products that they were not otherwise aware of. ATOMY dreams of the day when a consumer oriented economic ecosystem takes root every part of the world.

Anyone can succeed through this customer success system without necessarily being especially skilled. Instead of fostering competition among leaders, ATOMY had established a strong system of mutual success. In which ATOMIANS can grow together. It is committed to supporting its business partners and creates cultural mutual growth where everyone succeeds and arose together. 

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