(10/23/2018~11/3/2018) ATOMY America Success Academy

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ATOMY Seattle Success Academy

The MC of the Seattle Success Academy was Julie Kim DM. The seminar started off with Julie Kim DM. She was silky smooth and was energetic during Success Academy. Also, the air of Success Seminar Academy was alive with chatter and laughter, which become easier minute by minute. :D

Atomy Vision by Seong-Il Kim IM, he shared his stories before meeting Atomy, and then he told us secret recipes how to get success through Atomy. Many were motivated by his success story.

ATOMY LA Success Academy

We had LA Success Academy at Crowne Plaza in Redondo Beach. A total of 547 attendees participated in this Success Academy. Therefore, we had a situation where is we had to set up a chair without a table.

Rachel Kim SM was MC of LA Success Academy. Before starting the LA Success Academy, she was so nervous that she could not eat lunch. However, once she started the Company motto, her nervousness disappeared, and she led the LA Success Academy. Ah-za~! Ah-za~!

After the company motto, the attendees started the LA Success Academy by saying the Atomy Oath.

Jason Shim RM explained briefly the vision of Atomy during Welcoming Speech.

Mimi Grier DM explained the Absolute price and Absolute quality regarding Atomy products to those participating in the LA Success Academy. During the introduction of the products, used a lot of humor. The attendees were always smiling.

Steven Saunders DM spoke about the Atomy Marketing Plan. He pointed out the important things about Atomy Marketing Plan. The attendees could easily underattended the concept of Atomy's Marketing plan. At the end of the Marketing plan, he mentioned “ Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the times. Vision with Action can change the world.”-Joel A. Barker

ATOMY New Jersey Success Academy

In late fall, golden leaves, the final Success of New Jersey came to an end in October 2018. 670 people participated in this Success Academy.

Victoria Parroco DM worked as the NJ Success Academy’s MC. She did not hesitate to lead the NJ Success Academy even though it was her first time as MC in the NJ Success Academy.

Jessica Park explained why the Atomy products are absolute quality at absolute Price to audiences of NJ Success Academy. Also, she discussed the competitiveness and advantages of Atomy products.

Regarding marketing plan, Darlene Kim DM gave a lecture on the vision of the Atomy Company.
He explained how important the client's success is in the Atomy business.

ATOMY Atlanta Success Academy

American Success Academy in 2018!!
The Atlanta Success Academy was held at the Infinite Center (Convention Center) instead of a hotel.

The MC of the Atlanta Success Academy was Han Kim DM. During the Atlanta Success Academy, Han Kim DM maintained a pleasant sense of humor.

Tae Yi DM worked hard to introduce Atomy products. Tae Yi DM explained that Atomy is a company that takes into consideration even the smallest things when making a product, and explained that Atomy is absolute quality and absolute price.

The Atomy Compensation Plan Lecture was done by Martin Hahn DM. His lecture was full of wit and humor. He truly believes Atomy's compensation plan is a perfect system for everyone to get success.

After the marketing plan, Dr. Sung Yeon Lee's The king, The minister, The Father and The Son. He told us how to succeed in the Atomy business and what kind of attitude to have.

Mi-Young Park CRM came from Korea to New Jersey for NJ Success Academy. In order to succeed, she explained the eight steps of success. The eight steps of success follow in this order: 1. Setting dreams and goals 2. Making resolutions 3. Making lists 4. Invitation 5. Description of business 6. Follow-up 7. Counseling 8. Cloning. Also, she emphasizes 1. Setting dreams and goals and 2. Making resolutions that are most important for your success.

The highlight of Success Academy was CEO Han Gill Park's premium VOD lecture. His warm mind touched many people's hearts. He explained why we become wealthy people. He was entertaining and motivating. He aroused many tears, laughter and most importantly he delivered courage and hope to people through ATOMY!

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