2024 May California Spanish Regional Seminar

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2024 May California Spanish Regional Seminar

Atomy America hosted the California Spanish Regional Seminar on May 11th, 2024, at the
Holiday Inn La Mirada. Around 200 members attended this event. During the registration time,
members enjoyed the photo-booths, the Try-Me station, a hot cup of coffee, and our Pre-show Trivia!
Our MC, Marketing Employee Wilkin Telfo interviewed the Atomians; asking questions about Atomy to
test their knowledge. Members enjoyed all the fun activities before the seminar started.

The MC started the event by reciting to Company Motto together, then introduced the
leaders to the stage. We had Sharon Rose Master Samuel Trujillo present the Welcoming
Speech. He encouraged the Atomians to persevere through the challenges and to
work hard in your business. Your hopes and dreams can come true in Atomy!


After, we had Sharon Rose Master Mirna Giron share her Product Introduction.
She spoke passionately about the Atomy products, expressing how much she loves them!
She educated the members about Atomy’s absolute quality and absolute price,
explaining how Atomy products are the best quality with the lowest prices.
With a variety of products to choose from, there is something for everyone!

After, we hosted a Life Scenario Talk show. We had Sharon Rose Master Nancy Diaz and
Diamond Master Miguel Moreno educate the members on the importance of completing
your Life Scenario every month. By writing down your hopes, dreams, and goals; it will
set you up to achieve them. They showed the members how to fill out the Life Scenario
Wheel by creating categories and connecting the dots to make the Wheel.
Members had some time afterwards to start their own Life Scenario Wheel!

After the Talk show, we moved into HemoTime! This is a very anticipated part of the program,
Atomians love HemoHim! Members enjoy taking HemoHim while getting up to stretch. After that,
we had a Dance Performance. Members were energized from the HemoHim, prompting them to get
up to dance! The room was full of music and dancing, and the Atomians enjoyed the performance.

After, we had Star Master Sam Yoon present the Atomy Road To Success. Sam spoke about
his experience in Atomy, how he started and became successful in the business. He educated the
Atomians about tools and resources they can use to become successful in Atomy. He encourages
members to attend all seminars including One Day Seminars and Success Academy's. By listening
and learning from other Atomians and Chairman Han Gill Park, you too can be successful!

Thank you to all Atomians who attended the CA Spanish Regional Seminar of 2024!
We hope you left inspired and motivated in your Atomy business.
Please don’t forget to bring your friends, family, and partners to the next event.

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