2024 February New Jersey Success Academy

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USA/ 2024 February New Jersey Success Academy


We had the first NJ Success Academy of the year in East Rutherford at the Hilton Meadowlands Hotel.
About 400 attendees joined us for this fun-filled event! Before the event started, many members
enjoyed trying products at the Try-Me table and drinking coffee during the registration time!


Our MC for this event was DM Scott Kampen and DM Rallen Menorca. He introduced the leaders and board members.
After that, we recited the company motto together and introduced the leaders onto the stage. At Atomy,
we recognize those leaders who have worked hard in their business and educated others about Atomy.


We had RM Susan Chang present the Welcoming Speech. As a great leader in Atomy, she spoke passionately
about the Atomy business and how to stay motivated and work hard in your own business!
She excited the audience with her friendliness and good energy.

We then heard from Branch Director Green Lim as he introduced and explained in detail the GO 100 Campaign.
He tells the members to go out and meet 100 people a day, and to introduce every single person to Atomy.

STM Darlene Kim presented next, educating all of the Atomians about the Marketing Plan.
She loves telling members about the absolute quality and absolute prices of
Atomy products and how they can be success in their own businesses!

Members then had an opportunity to share their own Life Scenarios. They shared their dreams and
goals with all the member, which motivated them to work harder in their businesses! Completing the
Life Scenario is a very important task that all Atomy members must do on a weekly to monthly basis.
We then had a coffee break, where members had an opportunity to participate in the Instagram Hashtag event.
Members must post a picture using the hashtag given by Atomy in their caption to be entered in the contest.
We then randomly picked 3 winners who won a free prize. Congrats to all the winners!

We then did a stretching exercise ran by the Atomy America staff and MC’s of the event.
Members felt energized and excited as we had one more surprise in store. We had the
opportunity to hear one of our members sing, which had everyone on their feet dancing!

We then had the most exciting part of our event, the Mastership Promotional Ceremony!!
We had an opportunity to celebrate members on their achievements and success in their Atomy business.
Congrats to all the newly promoted members!

We got to celebrate and hear a promotional speech from SM Mary Scully, DM Judy Belli, SRM Kean Boyer,
and our newly promoted RM Woosoo Park! A big achievement that will be forever memorable.


We had special guest speaker Dr. Imjoung La fly all the way from Korea to make a special lecture on
the Atomy Noni Concentrate. He is also known as “Dr. Noni”. Members enjoyed listening to Dr. Noni present
in detail and explain the health benefits of the Atomy Noni. Dr. Noni has lots of knowledge and
speaks with so much passion, encouraging the members to drink Noni every single day!

The MC’s ended the event with the Company Motto and announcements, as the members then left for dinner.
Thank you to everyone who attended the February 2024 NJ Success Academy!


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