2023 Atomy America Royal Master Promotional Cruise

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Atomy America 2023 Royal Master Promotion Trip!
Europe May-June 2023


In May of 2023, around 60 Atomy Royal Masters went on a trip of a lifetime! We took the Celebrity Infinity cruise ship to
explore the Mediterranean. This cruise was 10 nights, 11 days. The itinerary travels to European countries such as
Spain, France, Italy, Greece, and Malta! Many members have never been to Europe, so members had a
great time exploring new places, enjoying time together, and motivating each other in their businesses!

The Royal Masters arrived in Barcelona, Spain where we boarded the Celebrity Infinity. Atomy Europe assisted in
welcoming the Atomians with flowers and a nicely decorated Atomy booth! We are about to set-sail and start our cruise!

The first night on board, we had an Orientation meeting. We always start our meeting with the Company Motto.
After that, everyone introduced themselves, and we started the meeting. The orientation meeting  is where the
Marketing staff at Atomy went over the agenda, schedules, and any questions members may have. We informed
the members on the daily activities, excursions, places to eat, room accommodations, on-board entertainment, etc.

After we departed from Barcelona, Spain, we arrive in Marseille, France. The morning welcomed us with lots of rain,
but as the morning turned into the afternoon, the sun was shining brightly! We took a train ride through the town
of Marseille, admiring the boat marina, old churches, and beautiful architecture. We arrive on the highest hilltop
in Marseille to be greeted with a breathtaking view of all Marseille. Also, at the top of the hilltop was a beautiful church
with intricate details and shadows. We took photos and looked inside the church. We then returned to the cruise ship.

Our next port of call brought us Nice, France. The members particularly loved Nice because the city
was full of colorful buildings. We arrived in a small jet board from the cruise ship. We then walked to
the train station nearby to catch the train into Nice. It was a 5–10-minute train ride in Nice, France.

When we arrived, all the members had different activities they wanted to do. We all split into
designated groups. Some groups took a tour bus around the city, some members went into the city
center and beach, other went up the hill to find viewpoints of the city. It was a beautiful city and
such a fun day! We ended the day with ice-cream and headed back to the ship.

We finally made it to Italy and arrive in Florence. We went on a walking tour through the city where we saw beautiful
cobblestone walkways, sculptures of old art, and cultural works from the Roman era. We also saw beautiful cathedrals,
some of the most stunning architecture in the world. We had a delicious Italian meal which did not disappoint!

We then traveled to Pisa where we visited the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa! Members had a fun time taking photos
of themselves with the tower, as well as the cathedral next to the tower. There was plenty of shopping and refreshments
on the walk back to the bus where members fell asleep on the hour drive back to the cruise ship.

We then arrived in Rome, Italy. Home of many wonders of the world and historic masterpieces.
We first took a bus into the city where were walked through the cobblestone alleyways to the Spanish Steps.
We took photos and then traveled to The Trevi Fountain. This fountain is famous for throwing a coin into the fountain.
Throwing one coin in the fountain means you’ll return to The Eternal City (Rome).
Throwing 2 coins means you’ll return and fall in love.
Three coins means you’ll return, find love, and marry!

After the Trevi Fountain, we traveled to the Vatican where members had an opportunity to go inside
St. Peter’s Basilica and witness the biggest church in the world. The walls are filled with
Mosaic art pieces, the ceiling towers above you, absolutely breathtaking.

We had a day at sea after we visited Rome. Members had the opportunity to explore
the ship. There are many activities to do while on board! Members swam in
the pool, some explored the restaurants and food, and others
enjoyed shows such as singing, dancing, and comedy shows!

We then arrived in Malta, which is known for historic sites such as fortresses and churches.
We traveled through the island on an old historic bus which members really enjoyed. Members
also loved exploring the old streets of the famous medieval city of Mdina, seeing
the narrow alleyways and beautiful views from the clifftops.


After we arrived back on the ship, members had a chance to eat dinner before our seminar. We always start and end our
seminars with the company motto. After we recited the company motto, members had the opportunity to talk
about how this Royal Master Cruise has helped motivate them to work harder in their business.

We heard heart-felt letters written for one another, which left no dry eye in the room! Members shared their love
and passion for Atomy, and how Atomy has forever changed their lives. The hope and intention for this trip is to allow
the Royal Masters to spend quality time with family, but also to be rewarded for their hard work and achievements.
They have thoroughly committed their lives to the success of their business and Atomy.
Congrats to all the Royal Masters!

After departing from Malta, we arrived in Greece. We ported in Santorini, Greece. Known for beautiful
whitewashed building surrounded by bright blue details, a city clinging above the clifftops.
We took a tandem boat onto the island, picking up our tour bus to travel the curvy road up the hillside.

We arrived in the city of Oia, blue domed building and whitewash walls, the view over the clifftop was stunning.
Members took many photos of the picturesque scenes. We arrived back to the main city of Fira where we
ate a traditional Greek lunch. Members then went to shop for souvenirs before returning to the ship.


We arrived in Mykonos, Greece, greeted with rainy weather. Our tour guide claimed that Mykonos only gets rain
about 1 week every year, so we got unlucky with the weather. Regardless, all the members still went on the excursion!
We used umbrellas and rain jackets to shield ourselves, but we enjoyed walking around the city and exploring.

The city felt very inviting, lots of friendly people and welcoming businesses. The architecture was filled with whitewashed
buildings, with lots of blue details. The cobblestone streets added a beautiful Greek feel.
We ended the walking tour with our last visit to the picturesque Mykonos Windmills. We then returned to the ship.

As we head near the end of this trip, we remember the reason for this trip. The hard work and achievements of the
Royal Masters, and to celebrate and reward them for their dedication, inspiration, and leadership within Atomy.
We arrived at our last port of Athens, Greece where many members departed to return home.

We took one of the Royal families to visit the Acropolis, seeing the old ruins and hiking up the hilltop.
We enjoyed seeing the temples of Mythological leaders, also using the Hop-on and Hop-off bus to explore the city.
We then all departed the next day to go back home. Safe travels!

Royal Families

RM Florence Lindor                                                                                   RM Susan Chang

RM Henry Kim                                                                                            CM Jason Shim

CM Jinae Hwang                                                                                          RM Terry Son

RM Eunice Hahn                                                       RM Mireeae Kim

CM Ok Hee Lee                                                                RM Uisook Sung

RM Jennifer Lim                                                 RM Joseph Kham

RM Sarah Jin                                                        RM Peter Lee

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