2023 December Atomy America Success Academy

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Atomy America 2023 December Florida Success Academy  

On December 2nd, 2023, we had the first ever Florida Success Academy in Orlando! We had around 500 attendees
arrive at the Orlando Hyatt Regency International Airport for the event. Outstanding!
We were so excited to see everyone's smiles and beautiful faces! When members arrived, we had member 
staff waiting for them at the registration desks. Member staff were able to accommodate the guests
with check-in, which includes wristbands for dinner and their seat number. 

We set-up a HemoHim and Absolute Skincare Set photo booth! Many members were
enjoying these fun booths, while grabbing a cup of coffee before the event starts!
We also had a Try-Me Station where members can look at the popular Atomy products and also test them out.
Some members tried the Atomy eye patches, or they would feel the textures of serums, moisturizers, and creams
on the back of their hands! It was fun to display and play with all the amazing Atomy products!

Once all the members checked-in, had a cup of coffee, and visited the Try-Me stations, the program, started.
We had Diamond Master Scott Kampen as our MC for the Orlando Success Academy. We always start and end all of our
seminars with the Company Motto. We all recited the Company Motto, then introduced all the leaders to the stage!

After the leader's introduction, we had Royal Master Florence Lindor and Crown Master Jason Shim give
the welcoming speech. Florence always shows so much enthusiasm on stage as she talks passionately
about the Atomy business! To be successful in Atomy is to participate in events, to listen to the speakers,
and learn how they became successful, so that you can also be successful.
With great knowledge, you can help those around you become successful too!

Jason  talks about the importance of attending the Success Academies and One Day Seminar,
and how working together will get you to the top! You must work hard and stay motivated,
always helping those around you so that you may also succeed.
  We then had Special Guest speaker from Mexico, Branch Manager Erick Lopez. He spoke on
the Atomy Central America report. He announced news for 2024 with promotion trips, new products,
and new and exciting events! Members were so excited to hear about all the programs happening in 2024!

At the end of Erick’s lecture, he did a trivia quiz with the audience! He would pick someone from the crowd
to answer a question from his lecture, and if the member was correct, they would win a free prize!
We gave out the Atomy Nut Squares for members, which is a newer product that just launched in Atomy USA.


We then had Sharon Rose Master Aman Cirius present our Marketing Plan. Members were
able to become educated about the compensation plan and how the Atomy business works.
This in-depth presentation is a great tool for Atomians to use to create a stronger and
more successful business. It is important to learn about all aspects of the Atomy business to be successful!


We then got to listen to the Life Scenario presentation speeches, which are some of our favorites to listen to!
The Life Scenario is such a crucial aspect in the Atomy business. You must dream vividly and write
your dreams and goals down in your Life Scenario booklet. You must update and write your Life Scenario
monthly and track your progress. Members shared their progress with their dreams and goals.
It was inspiring seeing many members reach their dreams and goals!

We took a pause on the program and provided a coffee break. Members have a chance to
grab a refreshment, use the restroom, and stand up! We also had the Try-Me stations set-up
for members to experience. We hope to see members interested in trying out
some of our best-selling products, as well as newly launched products!

Members must also write their Life Scenarios during this time. It is important to collaborate
and share your dreams and goals with your partners. This can help inspire and
motivate each other to work harder in your businesses!

After the coffee break, we announced the Instagram Hashtag event winners! Congratulations to all the winners!
After that, we had Marketing employee Karley Gieser and Diamond Master Scott Kampen lead all the
members in a stretching routine. Members enjoyed following along with the video and instructors.

After the performance, we moved into the most anticipated event of the evening, the Mastership Promotion Ceremony!
What a great time to come together and celebrate all the Atomians who have achieved new masterships!
We are so proud of all your hard work and efforts to grow your business and become a better leader in Atomy!


The promoted member speeches were spoke by Sales Master Marielle Eugene, Diamond Master Adeline Fredric,
Sharon Rose Master Jessica Wioskowski, and Sharon Rose Master Esther Ciinno. Thank you to all Atomians who made a
mastership speech, and congratulations to all newly promoted members!


We then heard from Royal Master Misook Kim. She flew all the way from Korea to be here with us in Florida!
She spoke on her Road to Success. Furthermore, she explained the struggles she endured, and how Atomy gave her financial freedom!

It is so moving and inspiring to see a real-life example talk about their experience in Atomy, and how Atomy has changed so many lives!
She encourages everyone to make it to the top together!


We ended the Success Academy with announcements and the Company Motto. The announcements included
a fun video from the Barbados Star Master trip, as well as the official announcement for the
next upcoming Success Academy. Make sure to bring your friends and family to all
Atomy events to learn more about the business and products!

We recited the Company Motto together, then completed the program with a group photo.
Thank you to everyone who attended the December Florida 2023 Success Academy!

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