2023 Atomy America Sharon Rose Mastership Promotional Trip

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2023 Atomy America Sharon-Rose Master Promotional Trip

Atomy America had 40 Sharon Rose Masters join this promotional trip to Cancun, Mexico.
We stayed at the Oleo Playa Cancun. The views were breathtaking. Blue waters and the warm breeze.
When the members arrived at the hotel, we had an orientation meeting to go over the schedule and itinerary.

We also answered any questions or concerns that members might have. We also gifted the members
with Atomy goody bags! It's essential to have your must-have Atomy products while traveling!


For our first official day in Cancun, we went to a waterpark called Xel-Ha Park.
Members loved swimming with dolphins, exploring water caves, and riding the waterslides.
This experience was especially fun because there were many photo areas that members could enjoy!

Xel Ha has many activities at this outdoor themepark, you'll never get bored!
Enjoy the warm weather going down the lazy river. Go dive into the cool waters and snorkel with the fish.
You can face your fears and swim with the Manta Rays! Or just enjoy the all-you can eat restaurants!
It was such a fun day!

  For our second day in Cancun, we did a speedboat and snorkeling excursion.
The bus picked us up at the hotel, and took us to the sppedboat excursion.
We went over instructions on how to drive and use the snorkeling equipment.
Many members were so excited and thrilled with this excursion! 

Members had a chance to drive these speedboats, as well as enjoy the warm waters of the ocean.
Once we arrived at the snorkeling spot, we had a chance to gear up and jump into the ocean!
We looked at beautiful sea creatures while snorkeling. The members had so much fun on this excursion!



The third and final day in Cancun, we had members enjoy a beach day.
This was a day to relax, sunbathe, and spend time with their families until our seminar that night.
Lots of members enjoyed the hot and sunny weather and took a dip In the ocean!

Some members enjoyed bonding with each other while talking about their Atomy business.
While this trip has been fun with many excursions and activities, it is important to remember the reason behind the trip.
We hope this trip has inspired Atomians to work harder in their buisnesses
as well as inspire those around them to do the same! 

After the beach day, we had our seminar. We started the seminar with the Company motto,
then we gave members the opportunity to speak on their experience on this trip
and how it has helped motivate their partners and themselves!
We had no dry eyes in the room as we heard the members speeches.




We want to thank all the Sharon Rose Masters who joined us on this trip! It was an incredible experience to serve you.
We hope you are left inspired to be successful in your businesses, to work harder, and inspire others around you.


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