2023 Atomy America Star Master Promotional Trip

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2023 Atomy America Star Master Promotional Trip

Atomy America had 12 Star Masters join this promotional trip to Bridgetown, Barbados.
We stayed at the Hilton Barbados Resort.
When the members arrived at the hotel, we had an orientation meeting to go over the schedule and itinerary!
We also answered any questions or concerns that members might have.

We ended the orientation meeting with the company motto!



For our first official day in Barbados, we did an Island Jeep Safari!
We went around the island, saw some beautiful beaches, the ocean, and highlights of the island.
We ended the excursion with fresh coconut water!


For our second official day in Barbados, we went on a snorkeling excursion.
Members loved swimming in the clear blue waters.
We saw lots of sea-life such as Turtles, Manta rays, and Tarpon fish.


The third and final day in Barbados, we took the members to Harrison cave,
one of the most popular excursions on the island.
We got to experience a tram ride into the cave where we saw waterfalls and beautiful stalagmite!
This was a fun experience, since many members have never been inside a cave before!


We then had our seminar, where we recited the company motto. After that, we had
members take turns speaking about their experience, and how this trip has motivated them to work harder in their business.
We hope all members who join us for this trip feel inspired to help themselves and others succeed! 
We can't wait for the next Atomy America Star Master Promotion Trip!


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