2023 July Atomy America Success Academy

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USA/Seattle Success Academy

The first location we held the July Success Academy was in Washington State at the Hilton Bellevue hotel on July 15th, 2023.
We had around 150 attendees show up in Bellevue. We had marketing employee Karley Gieser as our MC.
She introduced the board members and the leaders, then we recited the company motto together.

We also had special guests all the way from Korea who attended the event. We had Royal Master Joo Young Park & Nari Jung
(Company Introduction, Vision Speech). Royal Master Joo Young Park also led the Bible Revival which we had after the Success Academy

We had the opportunity to hear from our Marketing Director from the NJ office, Alex Kim. He spoke about global
Atomy news and the reports. He made members excited about new products launching and upcoming events!

We had Sharon Rose Master Christina Kim share her knowledge on her product presentation. She talked about HemoHim, Absolute Skincare,
and the Absolute Reset Balm. After her presentation, she had a product quiz! This was a fun way to have members engage
with the presentation. Whenever a member got the question correct, they would win a FREE prize!!

Members had a chance to present their Life Scenarios with the audience. It was inspiring to see so many Atomians share
their dreams and goals, motivating others to do the same. We hope everyone stays diligent in writing their own Life Scenario!

One of the most anticipated events during our Success Academy Is the Promotion Ceremony. Here, we gather great role models
who are motivated to move forward in their businesses! We got to celebrate the promotion of Sales Master Erlina Stevenson, congrats!

We had guest speaker Royal Master Joo Young Park who flew all the way from Korea to talk to us about his Road to Success.
He shared ways to improve your business and how to inspire others to do the same!


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