Atomy- Donates Needed Supplies to Wuhan, Yeontae China

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China is in a state of emergency, requesting urgently for masks and medical supplies.

Along with Samsung China, Hyundai moto, SK China, Hanmi Pharmaceutical, LG, POSCO, AMOREPACIFIC, LG H&H, Shinhan Bank, Doosan, Mando China, and Atomy participated in the donation process to China.

In February 2020, Atomy has donated Atomy masks to the region of Wuhan and Yeontae, China where the virus infection is most rampant.
Atomy Masks were quickly delivered by air transport to the region. Around 140,000 masks worth around 115,000,000 Korean Won.
60,000 masks will be provided for the city’s customs office which will be used for frontline workers and residents struggling with controlling the epidemic.

On the 5th of February 2020, a letter was sent to Atomy HQ saying “I sincerely thank you for donating the quarantine products with great love and generosity at this time in need in response to the new corona virus,” and “I pay tribute to Atomy’s noble heart for showing the friendly ties between Korea and China.”

This was also introduced in China’s Media outlet, Yeontae TV and a Chinese company representative said in an interview, “Like Atomy’s management philosophy, Jung Sun-Kyong, we will fulfill our social responsibility by practicing good deeds.”

You can find the TV interview and recording here:


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