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MAY 2023

Date & Time: 2023-05-27 (Saturday), 11:00am
Total Viewers: 2,000 Pax

In May 2023, Atomy Malaysia organized its monthly Success Academy gathering, filled with warmth and tenderness, as the company joined in celebrating the cherished occasion of Mother's Day. Members gathered together, radiating love and appreciation, creating a truly enchanting atmosphere that resonated with the essence of this special month. The event aimed to share knowledge, motivation, and to honor the invaluable role of mothers, who are the pillars of love and strength within our lives.

Emcee & Company Motto by Finics Yong, Diamond Master & Jayden Khoo, Diamond Master

Akuan Sumpah (Oath reciting) - Bong Seh Kah, STM @ Leader Club

Company Greeting Speech by Mr Kea Wong, Office Manager
With an inspiring presence, Mr. Kea Wong, our office manager, captivated the audience by highlighting the exceptional achievements of our company and the unwavering support it provides. He unveiled the highly anticipated new product, Atomy 24k Gold Night Mask, symbolizing our dedication to innovation and excellence. Mr. Kea Wong's words echoed a sense of unity and personal growth, emphasizing the nurturing environment we have fostered. His speech ignited a collective motivation within the listeners, encouraging them to seize boundless opportunities and pursue their own paths to success.

Leader Welcome Speech - Fenn Ten, CRM @ Crown Leaders Club
Fenn Ten, CRM @ Crown Leaders Club, delivered a strong and powerful speech in Malay, praising the greatness of Atomy and emphasizing the concept of success. Her impactful words inspired the audience, leaving a lasting impression. Her speech instilled motivation and aspiration, reminding everyone of the limitless potential within themselves.

Why Atomy - Vincent Tan, CRM @ Crown Leaders Club
Vincent Tan, CRM @ Crown Leaders Club, delivered a deeply personal speech, sharing his journey of choosing Atomy and his incredible success story. He vulnerably revealed his humble beginnings as a car foreman, openly discussing his income progression over the years. Vincent Tan highlighted the transformative impact of Atomy in his life, propelling him to achieve remarkable milestones. His inspiring speech resonated with the audience, reminding them that with determination and the right opportunities, anyone can overcome challenges and realize their dreams.

Member's Story - Leslie Cheam, SRM
In a heartfelt and humble speech, Leslie Cheam, SRM, shared his personal journey and expressed profound gratitude for finding Atomy. He recounted his humble beginnings and openly discussed the challenges he faced. With a dream for greater success, Leslie Cheam expressed heartfelt appreciation for the transformative impact Atomy has had on his life. His genuine words resonated with the audience, inspiring them to embrace gratitude and aspire for their own dreams of success.

Revitalize Your Body: Simple Tips for Healthy Blood and Liver! - Janice Tan, STM @ Leaders Club and Dr Lin Tze Min, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner
Janice Tan, STM @ Leaders Club, speech was deeply personal as she shared her life-changing experience with Hemohim and Atomy products. She openly discussed her struggles and expressed profound gratitude for finding Atomy, which has positively transformed her life. Dr. Lin joined the speech, providing insightful tips on maintaining a healthy blood and liver. Demonstrating simple exercises and the benefits of herbs found in Atomy products like Hemohim and also the highly anticipated Atomy Rhiodiola Rosea Milk Thistle , Dr. Lin inspired the audience to make small changes for better health. This concise description captures the essence of Janice Tan's story and Dr. Lin's informative contributions.

Atomy Moments Relived
During the Atomy Moments Relived segment which was a special Mother's Day campaign, winners and their mothers took the stage, rekindling precious memories from their childhood. With immense joy, they recreated photographs taken during their early years, capturing the essence of their cherished moments with their mothers. The atmosphere was filled with happiness and gratitude as these individuals shared their heartwarming experiences with all the attendees, fostering a sense of unity and appreciation among the Atomians present.

Dreams to Reality - Fish Ee, RM @ Royal Leaders Club
In the captivating speech titled "Dreams to Reality," speaker Fish Ee, RM @ Royal Leaders Club, passionately shared her journey of transforming her dreams into tangible achievements. She eloquently described the steps she took to turn her goals into reality, providing valuable insights and practical tips along the way. With a clear vision in mind, Fish Ee inspired the audience to pursue their aspirations, emphasizing the importance of planning and taking deliberate actions. Her speech instilled a sense of motivation and empowerment, encouraging everyone to believe in their dreams and work diligently towards their fulfillment.

Life Scenario Sharing - Khoo Pei Sing, Sales Master

Life Scenario Sharing - Zurina Alias, Member

Journey to Sales Master - Prachya Jaidamnern, SRM
Prachya Jaidamnern, SRM, the esteemed overseas speaker from Thailand, delivered a captivating speech that offered a fresh perspective on running Atomy in a different cultural landscape and environment. Prachya shared the challenges he encountered and the strategies he employed to overcome them, providing valuable lessons and inspiration to the audience. His positive and cheerful demeanor created an infectious energy that resonated with the crowd, earning their admiration and support. Prachya's speech was met with great enthusiasm as he demonstrated resilience and highlighted the potential for success in any setting.

Mastership Promotion
Well done to all the recently promoted Sales Masters and Diamond Masters for taking the first step in your path towards success, financial independence, and a balanced life!

Road to Success - Hong Yeon Gu, Imperial Master
The highly respected Imperial Master took the stage and gave a fascinating speech "Road to Success." With great confidence, he shared his personal journey in the company. The audience was amazed by his strong presence and truly enjoyed his words. The Imperial Master's speech left everyone feeling inspired, encouraging them to pursue their own paths to success. His impressive presence and message sparked a renewed sense of motivation and ambition among the listeners.

Thank you to all interpreters, Usherettes and volunteers for making this event a success!

Closing event by reciting the company motto, see you next time!

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