MAY Success Academy [06.05.2023]

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Atomy New Zealand's MAY Success Academy 
Date: 6th May 2023
Location: Auckland Corps, Salvation Army, 18 Allright Place, Mt Wellington, Auckland

Host: Stephanie Ramrose
Welcome Speech 1: Branch Director Lisa Lee
Welcome Speech 2: Sharon Rose Master Carrie Ryu (Atomy Australia)
Special Donation Ceremony: Korea War Veterans - RSA
Special Performance: Mark Christiansen & Claire Son
Compensation Plan: Sharon Rose Master Jacob Park
Product Presentation: [HemoHIM] Doctor Maria Teresa
Product Presentation: [Absolute Skincare] Sales Master Phorina Tsai
Product Presentation: [Green Lipped Mussel] Lili Chen (Atomy New Zealand Marketing)
Life Scenario: Diamond Master Dorothy Ann Rizaga
Life Scenario: Sales Master Yujin Lee & Yukyung Lee

Vision Speech: Imperial Master Jeong-Soo Park

Thank you to all members who attended this event! 
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