Healing Time for Busy Modern People – Atomy’s Organic Green Tea

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Healing Time for Busy Modern People – Atomy’s Organic Green Tea
Premium green tea made with organic ‘Sejak’ tea leaves from Jeju Island

Modern people are busy. To survive this fiercely competitive world, people have to complete numerous tasks every day with haste. According to a study, all the information that people in the Middle Ages had to learn through their entire lives have to be studied by modern people in a week. That is why breaks are needed in the busy lifestyle that people live every day. This pause in their busy schedules becomes a healing time to relieve the stress accumulated and a time to reflect on life.

Atomy’s Organic Green Tea is a high-quality organic green tea that is perfect for the healing time of busy modern people. ‘Sejak’ are hand-plucked young leaves of the tea tree, harvested from organic tea gardens located in Jeju Island, and dried with great care. ‘Sejak’ is also known as ‘Jakseol’ tea because the shape of the tea leaves resembles the tongue of a sparrow, and according to King Sejong’s Records, it was a product exclusively dedicated to the royal palace. This tea variety is regarded as a luxury among tea lovers due to its delicate and astringent flavor that features a pure fragrance and color reminiscence of the sea, a harmony of subtle scents and colors. It is mentioned in ‘Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine’ as a cure for diabetes that balances the energy in the body, helps with the digestion in the stomach, clears headaches, and even acts as a diuretic.

‘Sejak’ produced in Jeju Island is especially well-received thanks to its excellent quality and is a variety that has won many awards in various global tea competitions. Jeju Island is known as a world-class green tea producing area that has optimal conditions, having the water, soil, and climate necessary for the healthy growth of excellent tea trees. Atomy’s Organic Green Tea contains the taste and aroma of Jeju Island's clean nature by carefully selecting ‘Sejak’ from local tea trees. In addition, the product has proven the quality of its green tea by being certified by the HACCP, the world's first food safety management system, and it even has obtained a GAP certification, another excellent agricultural product management certification.

Another feature of Atomy’s Organic Green Tea is that it only contains organically grown tea leaves. Atomy insists on only using organically grown tea leaves to provide customers with a safe and eco-friendly green tea of the highest quality. The biggest problem faced by the organic cultivation of tea trees is the pest control and usage of high-quality organic fertilizers. The method Atomy came up with after thorough consideration is a pheromone control method that uses pheromone traps and by applying organic fertilizer composed of the squeezed-out liquid from the combination of rapeseed seeds and guano oil. The result is Atomy’s Organic Green Tea, a tea of world-class quality.

In order to properly enjoy Atomy’s Organic Green Tea, the best way is to lower the temperature of boiled water by letting it cool down and brewing the tea for only 2-3 minutes. The bitterness will increase if the tea is brewed right away in boiling water, and the flavor doesn’t get deeper if the leaves are steeped for a long time, too. Let's blow away the stress of the body and mind that accumulates in our busy daily lives, and let's take a break now with some self-healing time with a cup of Atomy’s Organic Green Tea.

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