Atomy Forges a Technical Alliance with a Company Specialized in Visual Effects (VFX)

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Atomy Forges a Technical Alliance with a Company Specialized in Visual Effects (VFX)
Atomy has started the application of XR contents with MOFAC, a world-class specialized visual effects company

Atomy has forged a strategic technical alliance with MOFAC, a global visual effects (VFX) company.
The company announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with MOFAC at the Atomy Park in Gongju City on August 5th, an agreement between Atomy’s President Han-gill Park and MOFAC’s CEO Seong-ho Jang.
At this meeting, Atomy’s President Han-Gill Park commented, "We are very happy to work together with MOFAC, the world's best company in VFX. With MOFAC, Atomy will demonstrate the ‘New Normal’ in direct sales of the On-Tact era."
Recently, Atomy has been setting a new standard for ‘On-Tact’ business in this ‘Un-Tact’ era by converting its Success Academy Seminars, which were large-scale offline events in the past, to a real-time online broadcasting experience.
In addition, Atomy’s staff is working hard on the development of XR (Extended Reality) contents such as AR (Augmented Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality) features that will be applied to the ‘On-Tact’ business model.
"Atomy is making the world's first attempt to commercialize XR technology," said Lino Park, head of Atomy's ENM division. “The future of direct sales is an interactive and enjoyable business.”
Through this MOU, both Atomy and MOFAC plan to lead the commercialization of XR content and lead the Korean Wave in the XR market.
Atomy is expected to be able to surpass the limitations of the direct sales business model and establish itself as the leading direct sales company of the ‘On-Tact’ era.

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