No more worry of radiation but improved convenience, A healthy meal with Atomy’s Salted Mackerel

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No more worry of radiation but improved convenience, A healthy meal with Atomy’s Salted Mackerel

The mackerel - a commoner’s fish transformed to a nobleman’s fish?

Mackerel has long been a favorite dish for the common people. Mackerel is a fish of great value as a source of cheap and high-quality protein for the common people who lack the intake of meat. In addition, unsaturated fatty acids such as DHA and EPA, which are abundantly found in blue fish such as mackerel, can help brain development in adolescents - especially for fat intake during one’s diet, and also prevents atherosclerosis and strokes. However, in recent years, the catch of mackerel has been reduced, and the nuclear crisis in Japan has overwhelmed the concern of radioactive contamination, so it is not easy to consume mackerel at ease compared to in the past.

Atomy Mackerel


Atomy's Norwegian salted mackerel is a product that has received great popularity from the common people, with no worry of radiation. Norwegian mackerel is recognized worldwide for its excellent taste and nutrition, and one can enjoy a delicious mackerel dish with their loved ones, without any worry about radioactive contamination. In addition, Atomy has acquired the Norge logo, a logo certified by the Norwegian government, which recognizes the quality and safety of the product.


For Atomy’s Norwegian Salted Mackerel, only the best quality of mackerel is caught during the winters near the coast of Norway’s seas. It is then seasoned with Korean sun-dried salt and fermented with green tea from Boseong. It has become more convenient to consume the product, as the fishy stench has been removed and the fish has been cleaned, so that one can cook the fish right away. It is worthy to note that the mackerel in Norway has a fat content of 26 grams, which is more than twice as much as the mackerel caught in the coastal waters of Korea that has only 13 grams of fat content.

Tip on how to cook mackerel!
Mackerel can be cooked in a variety of ways. It can be stewed, grilled, or steamed. In order to make the most of the nutrition in mackerel, it is best to eat it raw as soon as it is caught. However, a mackerel dies quickly once it’s caught, so it is difficult to eat it raw unless one is on a boat. Other than eating it as sashimi, boiled or steamed mackerel is more nutritious for the body than grilled. This is because the unsaturated fatty acid, the main nutritional component of mackerel, is mostly discarded in the form of oil when grilled, but the fatty acid remains when it is steamed or stewed.

Also, when cooking or steaming mackerel, it tastes better if radish is included. Because radish goes well with mackerel, the radish's taste can balance the relatively oily taste in mackerel.

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