Know the health benefits, Atomy Alaska E-Omega 3

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Know the health benefits, Atomy Alaska E-Omega 3

Protector of health from Alaska

Atomy Alaska E-Omega 3


What is Omega 3?
Omega 3 refers to the unsaturated fatty acid combined by the first double bond on the third carbon at the omega (ω) position of the carbon chain fatty acid. These omega 3s include EPA (eicosapaentaenic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). EPA and DHA can be produced from the essential fatty acids of alpha-linolenic acid and linolenic acid found in the human body, but these essential fatty acids cannot be synthesized in the human body, and the conversion efficiency of EPA and DHA in alpha-linolenic acid is 10-15% for adults and 3-6% for children. Because of such low efficiencies, it is necessary to consume foods or supplements that are high in EPA and DHA.

Role of Omega 3
EPA and DHA are abundant in fish oil, and are present in the human body in an esterified state in tissue membranes, phospholipids, and plasma lipoproteins. EPA and DHA Omega 3 fatty acids can help improve blood lipids and improve blood circulation when consumed regularly.

Atomy Alaska E-Omega 3
| Characteristics

+ High-quality ingredients

Alaska Pollack (a large fish species caught in Alaska) produced with high-quality ingredients of high-purity purification from Ohio, USA

+Scientific purification process
Purification process of higher than 65% purity, combining both EPA & DHA

+ Easy consumption

Easy to consume and goes down easily with 550mg of small capsules

+ Easy consumption of unsaturated fatty acid
Satisfy daily recommended amount of Omega 3 by consuming 2 capsules a day

Recommended for the following persons:
● Those who want to improve their neutral lipid, which can be the cause of blood vessel damage
● Those who want to maintain and improve their health, and live a vibrant life
● Those who want fast metabolism and effective blood circulation
● Those who need to consume unsaturated fatty acids
● Those who lack the consumption of fish
● Middle-aged and older people who need to improve blood flow
● Workers who consume excessive saturated fats from a meat-oriented diet and from various social gatherings
● Teenagers and growing children who consume a lot of fast food
● Growing adolescent students who spend a lot of time sitting down
● Those who are busy and constantly worry about their blood health

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