Color Containing Nature - Atomy Color Food Vitamin C

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 Color Containing Nature - Atomy Color Food Vitamin C
500mg of Vitamin C together with 7 types of Color Foods!


As the weather gets warm, the body becomes drowsy and the eyelids become soft. Live a vibrant life with Atomy Color Food Vitamin C, filled with the energy of refreshing spring. The fresh mango-flavored Atomy Color Food Vitamin C contains 500 mg of Vitamin C and 7 types of color foods.

Atomy Color Food Vitamin C contains a total of seven color foods as secondary substances including mango, citrus, sweet pumpkin, yellow mushroom, and turmeric as the five yellow foods, and two red foods including strawberry and pomegranate. In addition, it also contains other substances including fish collagen, chicory root extract powder, indigestible maltodextrin, and coenzyme Q10

| Why does one need to consume Vitamin C?
Most plants and animals can synthesize vitamin C, but humans cannot synthesize them naturally, so they must be consumed in the form of food; however, Vitamin C gets easily oxidized and destroyed during its storage, cooking, and processing phase. Studies suggest that the amount of Vitamin C that gets absorbed by the body is similar when it is consumed as food or as a nutrition supplement product. If one usually lacks the consumption of vegetables and fruits, they can consume Vitamin C - which is a necessary antioxidant for the body – in the form of Atomy’s Color Food Vitamin C.

| Effects of Vitamin C recognized by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
First, it is necessary for the formation and preservation of connective tissue.
Second, it is necessary for the absorption of iron
Third, it is necessary to protect cells from harmful oxygen.

| Antioxidant effects of vitamin C|
Vitamin C, an antioxidant nutrient, helps to suppress and protect free radicals produced by one’s body caused by excessive work, fast food, pollution, and other environmental causes.

| What is Color Food?
Color Food began as an American campaign, 'Five a Day’, which was to improve the eating habits of the public by encouraging the consumption of vegetables and fruits at least five times a day. The goal was to have a balanced eating habit, as the taste and substances vary depending on the color of the food.


Color Foods are usually divided into five colors: red, green, yellow, black, and white. Phytochemicals in color foods are nutrients that represent the color of plants, such as lycopene in red and carotene in yellow. Such colors are expressed for the plant to protect itself.

Atomy Color Food Vitamin C is good for the following types of people:
■ Those wanting to consume Vitamin C
■ Those who want to consume Vitamin C deliciously and easily
■ Those who consume a lot of meat
■ Those who don’t have a regular eating schedule
■ Those won don’t consume fruits and vegetables regularly
■ Those who need to consume nutrients that help the absorption of iron
■ Those who are tired of a repetitive lifestyle and looking for vibrancy in life
■ Active athletes or those with long working hours
■ Teenagers who are in their growth period
■ Those who would benefit from the formation and preservation of connective tissues
■ Those who want to protect their bodies from harmful oxygen that destroys cells

* This column was reviewed for trademark and advertisement by the Korea Health Functional Food Association.

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