SEPTEMBER Success Academy [02.09.2023]

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Atomy New Zealand's September Success Academy 
Date: 2nd September 2023
Location: Auckland Salvation Army Corps, 18 Allright Place, Mt. Wellington, Auckland

Host: Analyn Heasley
Welcome Speech: Branch Director Lisa Lee
Global Insight: Chief Global Officer Alex Lee
Product Presentation: [Inner Collagen] Amy Gu
Product Presentation: [Vitamin Shower Head Set] Jessica Joung
Marketing Plan: Sales Master Changmin Jung
Compassion/Tearfund: Gertjan Kardol

Special Performance: Active Centre Leaders
Slimbody Challenge Winner Ceremony and Interview: MC Analyn Heasley, Changmin Jung, Aiza Cerrina Gozales
8-Steps to Success: Sharon Rose Master Jacob Park
Balanced Life Scenario: Han-Gill Park
Life Scenario Presentation: Sales Master Vivian Zheng
Life Scenario Presentation: Sales Master Maria Teresa Luis
Life Scenario Presentation: Sales Master Mija Ku
Mastership Promotion Ceremony
Atomy Vision: Imperial Master Gwang-Yeol Kim

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