APRIL Success Academy [01.04.2023]

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Atomy New Zealand's APRIL Success Academy 
Date: 1st April 2023
Location: Auckland Corps, Salvation Army, 18 Allright Place, Mt Wellington, Auckland

Host: Daniel Kennedy
Welcome Speech 1: Branch Director Lisa Lee
Welcome Speech 2: Sharon Rose Master Do-Won Park
Leader Opening Speech: Crown MasterNami Lee
Global Insight: Ryan Lee (Atomy Korea Global Business)
Compensation Plan: Royal Master Joo Young Park
Product Presentation: [HemoHIM] Sales Master Joel Kim
Product Presentation: [Absolute Skincare] Sales MasterCrestine Carson
Product Presentation: [Green Lipped Mussel] Sales Master Soo Hee Moon
SlimBody Challenge Winner: 3rd Place Joon Young Lee
Compassion/Tearfund NZ: CEO Ian McInnes
Life Scenario: Sales Master Amy Gu

-Mastership Ceremony-
Sales Master:
Hye Jung Lee, Oraphan Schenn, Nichapa Promson
(Hyun Seo Bang, Hyo Jung Kim, Pau Gin)
Diamond Master:
Young-Ja Kim, Nang Pheang Tuanthang

Vision Speech: Chairman Han-Gill Park

Congratulations to all new masterships, and thank you to all members who attended this event! 
Please find more photos of all events (Leaders Meeting, Revival Meeting, and Success Academy) through the button below:


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