Atomy Malaysia Online Success Academy, August 2020

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Date and Time : 2020-08-17 (Saturday) , 2:00pm - 6:30pm
Venue : Atomy Malaysia Office Studio
Zoom Unique Viewer : 4,136 pax
Program :
Success Learning System ; 2:00pm - 4:55pm
Mastership Promotion Ceremony (July 2020) ; 4:55pm - 6:30pm

Emcee of the Day : Finics SM

Introduction of the Founder of Atomy

Greeting from Malaysia Leaders.

SESSION 1 :Success Learning System

Greeting Speech by Sewon Kim (Country Manager)
Highlights of the good news from Atomy Malaysia
- Sep OSA will be broadcasting in Youtube as main channel and Zoom as interpretation room
- 2nd GSGS product Atomy Moon Cake will be launched in about 2 weeks time
- 10,000 over weekly registrants.compared to average of 5,000 to 6,000.

Company Introduction by Jadick Lai, STM@RLC


Atomy Social Media Regulation by KK, Marketing Officer


New GSGS Product Launching Verselle Yong, GSGS Manager


Product Introduction about the Atomy Star Products - Hemohim & Absolute Skin Care which is recently awarded by Jang-Young Sil Award.
What so important for this reward?
10 years ago, only one item of Skin Care 6 System which is Atomy Essense but now the 6 items of full set of Absolute Cellactive Skin Care Set certified and proved its effectiveness by this award.


Journey to SM + Life Scenario by Suumey Heah, SM


Life Scenario Sharing by Trudy Lai, SM & Agnes Chee, DM

Auto Sales Master by Eisten Lai, SRM

SESSION 2 : Mastership Promotion Ceremony (Jul 2020)

Total 123 Sales Masters and we have 2 sales masters representatives

Wong Wai Pin

Abdullah Bin Ismail


Diamond masters representatives - Sharviin

Diamond masters representatives - Voon Pooi Foon


Total 4 Sharon Rose Masters

Sem Yow SRM

Wang Fang Fang SRM

Nimisa Fung & Nics Wang

Mike Ling

Total 15 Leaders Club members & 6 Royal Leaders Club members in Atomy Malaysia.

About Atomy's Club members
Leader's Club Member:- Earning of at least MYR 365,000 (100 million Korean Won) within 12 months
Royal Leader's Club Member: - Earning of at least MYR 730,000 (200 million Korean Won) within 12 months

Sophia Chen
- A very ordinary housewife, with the least conditions for success, but hungry for success, and now because of Atomy, the life of the whole family has been changed. Sophia also the first club member in East Malaysia.
一个很平凡的家庭主妇,虽然没有成功的条件,却拥有了成功的态度,如今因为艾多美而改变整个家族的生活。Sophia 也是东马第一位晋级领袖俱乐部的成员。

Lim Choon Hwa & Tan Gwang Seng
- Retired after worked in the electronics industry for more than 20 years, because they don't want to be a third-class citizen, they have strong determination for success and they achieved as leader club member and they are just promoted as Sharon Rose Master last month

Special Thanks to the contributions by the talented interpreter team who is serving in humility throughout the whole Success Academy.
Atomy Malaysia is one of the online platform which provided up to 3 languages so that all audiences able to understand and learning without any language barrier.

By referring the practice from Atomy Malaysia, the coming Atomy Korea's Online Success Academy will be broadcasting mainly in Youtube, as well as Zoom which served as an interpretation channel which provided up to 7 languages including English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Spanish and Indonesian.
Date and time for Korea Online Success Academy : 12pm - 4pm , 2020-08-21 (Friday)

Other updates about Atomy Malaysia :

Life Scenario drafting is the most important element highlighted by Chairman Park as it is regarding the vision and duplication.
If you dream vividly, It will definitely come true.
This is the intention of Atomy Malaysia to encourage everyone can have a clear vision and dream for their future.

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