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Date & Time: 2024-01-20 (Saturday), 11:00am
Total Viewers: 1,500 Pax

In the exhilarating month of January 2024, Atomy Malaysia's Success Academy ushered in the new year with an unwavering commitment to excellence, inspired by the mantra "be excellent or be extreme." The much-anticipated debut of the Atomy Tiger Milk Mushroom Powder, a product that has generated immense excitement, marked a significant milestone in our journey. This long-awaited addition, coupled with the presence of an Imperial Master, symbolizes the start of a year filled with unparalleled achievements and boundless possibilities. The collective spirit is soaring, setting the stage for an extraordinary year ahead, where we aim to reach great heights like never before.

Emcee & Company Motto by Jayden Khoo, Diamond Master & Finics Yong, Diamond Master

Company Greeting by Ms Anna Kim, Country Manager
In January, our esteemed Country Manager, Anna Kim, kicked off the year with a powerful address that set the tone for a year of determination and resilience. Anna passionately explained the essence of Atomy's new slogan, urging everyone to embrace the spirit of "fight and desperation" in reaching unprecedented goals and soaring to the heights of an extreme achiever.

Company Introduction Speech by Haizam Yahya, PR Manager
During the company's introduction speech, Haizam Yahya, our insightful PR Manager, offered a heartfelt perspective shaped by his personal experience. Haizam eloquently conveyed that Atomy is truly unparalleled in its existence, emphasizing that a company with a culture as unique and different as Atomy's is a rare gem. He underscored the distinctiveness of Atomy's approach, pointing out that the company's focus on customers' success sets it apart in the business landscape.

Atomian's Story by Ti Swee Ying, Sharon Rose Master
In a heartfelt address, Ti Swee Ying, sharing her personal journey through Atomy, illuminated the transformative power of the company in her life. With sincerity, Ti Swee Ying expressed that Atomy, for her, is not just an improvement tool but a miraculous blessing, especially for individuals facing difficult and catastrophic times. She emphasized how Atomy has the potential to be a life-changing force, providing solace and opportunities for those navigating challenging circumstances. Ti Swee Ying's testament added a poignant touch to the narrative, highlighting Atomy's profound impact as a catalyst for positive change and transformation in the face of adversity.

Atomy Masstige by Verselle Yong, Product Development Project Manager
In a momentous occasion, the launch of the long-awaited Atomy Tiger Milk Mushroom Powder was nothing short of extraordinary, marking a significant milestone in the Atomy journey. This groundbreaking product, hailed as the first Malaysian functional food GSGS Product, embodies a powerful and unique formula designed for comprehensive protection. The enthusiasm and joy surrounding its unveiling were palpable, as everyone recognized the arrival of not just a product but a symbol of enhanced well-being and resilience.

Life Scenario Sharing by Maggie Chong, Sales Master

Life Scenario Sharing by Noorpasawi Baharom, Member

Mastership Promotion Ceremony
Congratulations to our esteemed Sales Master and Diamond Master promotees this month! Their dedication and hard work have led them to this remarkable milestone, and we celebrate their outstanding achievements. The path to success is beautifully lit with the lights of appreciation and recognition for their unwavering commitment to Atomy. Well done!

Road to Success by Lee Hye Jeong, Imperial Master
Imperial Master Lee Hye Jeong took the stage, delivering a mesmerizing speech that left everyone in awe. Her powerful, humorous, and impactful words had the audience both laughing and deeply inspired. As an idol, she proved to be someone truly remarkable, with a story that resonated with resilience and triumph, leaving an enduring impact on all fortunate enough to witness her address. Reminding everyone, if someone normal like her can make it to an Imperial Master, everyone can.

Thank you to all interpreters, Usherettes and volunteers for making this event a success!

Closing event by reciting the company motto, see you next time!

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