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Date & Time: 2023-12-16 (Saturday), 11:00am
Total Viewers: 1,500 Pax

In the enchanting month of December 2023, Atomy Malaysia's Success Academy convened with heightened anticipation for the final event of the year, marking the grand unveiling of the Atomy Air Purifier. The atmosphere was nothing short of magical as we eagerly awaited the unveiling of this long-anticipated product. The event was a culmination of the year's efforts, and the unveiling of the Atomy Air Purifier proved to be a captivating moment, sparking joy and enthusiasm among us. December 2023 will be remembered as a month filled with unforgettable moments and remarkable achievements, making it a fitting conclusion to a year of anticipation and

Emcee & Company Motto by Jayden Khoo, Diamond Master & Finics Yong, Diamond Master

Akuan Sumpah (Oath reciting) - Ivy Ling (Diamond Master)

Company Greeting by Ms Anna Kim, Country Manager
In December, our esteemed Country Manager, Anna Kim, made a significant impact in Malaysia with her inaugural address, offering an insightful exploration of Atomy's resilience and foresight. Anna drew parallels between Atomy and the transformative history of renowned companies, highlighting the revolutionary strides made by these industry giants. Rather than comparing Atomy to the steadfast metasequoia tree, she delved into the dynamic narrative of past corporate innovations, illustrating the distinctiveness of Atomy's approach.

Welcome Speech - Dr Tengku Asmadi, STM @ Royal Leaders Club
Dr. Tengku Asmadi, our dynamic speaker, opened the show with his powerful and motivational charm, setting the stage ablaze with the intensity of his journey and the profound impact the company has had on his life. His impassioned style didn't just bring warmth; it sparked a fire in the hearts of the audience, immersing them in the fervor of the exhilarating journey ahead.

Atomy Malaysia 2024 - Kea Wong, Office Manager
Kea Wong electrified the audience as he unveiled his thrilling plans for 2024. With an infectious energy, he shared an abundance of good news, creating a wave of excitement that swept through the crowd. The anticipation in the room was palpable as Kea Wong, with unwavering enthusiasm, painted a vivid picture of the promising year ahead, leaving everyone eager to embark on this journey of prosperity and success together.

Product Testimony - Ng Ah Chin, DM
Ng Ai Chin, in a brief but powerful testimony, shared her personal journey with Hemohim. Her heartfelt account highlighted the significant benefits she has experienced, making Hemohim an indispensable part of her wellness journey.

Product Testimony - Zec Lau, SM
As a personal trainer, Zec Lau provided a concise and impactful review of Triple Up Protein. Sharing insights from his own experiences, he highlighted the multitude of benefits this protein offers compared to his past encounters with other products. Zec Lau's endorsement underscored the unique advantages of Triple Up Protein, emphasizing its significant contribution to his fitness journey.

Product Introduction - Peng Wang (Atomy China Product Manager) Alex Wang (Atomy China Training Manager)
The Atomy China product team made a special visit to Malaysia to unveil the latest innovation – the Atomy Air Purifier. The audience was captivated as the team shared insights and conducted a magical demonstration of the product. The crowd's enthusiasm and happiness were palpable, showcasing the anticipation and delight at witnessing the cutting-edge features of the Atomy Air Purifier.

Dreams to Reality - Meina Chua, RM @ Royal Leaders Club
In the empowering session titled "Dreams to Reality," Meina Chua took the stage to share her remarkable personal journey. From a once-shy individual, she stood tall as a testament to the transformative power of Atomy. Meina walked us through her ascent, detailing how strategic planning using the Life Scenario Wheel propelled her to new heights. Her inspiring narrative showcased not just personal growth but the tangible results achievable through Atomy's platform. With a heartfelt aspiration, Meina expressed her desire to inspire others, guiding them on a path that leads to the same heights she now stands.

Life Scenario Sharing - Aznirul Hisham, SM

Life Scenario Sharing - Ivy Ling, DM

Sales Automation - Justin Ooi, SRM @ Leaders Club
In an empowering talk, Justin Ooi revealed the secrets behind successful sales automation. With determination and strategic prowess, he showcased how he reached the pinnacle of success within Atomy. Justin's insights captivated the crowd, inspiring them to adopt his approach and elevate their Atomy careers.

Member's Story - Yale Ooi, DM
In the heartfelt "Member's Story" session, Yale Ooi shared his personal journey to his current position, emphasizing the importance of aspiring to climb higher while never forgetting one's roots. With a genuine commitment to growth, Yale inspired others to follow the same path, highlighting that embracing both progress and roots is truly the way to go. His story resonated with the audience, encouraging them to reach for greater heights while staying grounded in their beginnings.

Mastership Promotion
Congratulations to our esteemed Sales Master and Diamond Master promotees this month! Their dedication and hard work have led them to this remarkable milestone, and we celebrate their outstanding achievements. The path to success is beautifully lit with the lights of appreciation and recognition for their unwavering commitment to Atomy. Well done!

Road To Success - Vincent Tan, CRM @ Crown Leaders Club
In "Road to Success," Vincent Tan shared his journey from humble beginnings to success through Atomy. Reflecting on a life-changing car accident, he emphasized the crucial value of time spent with loved ones. Atomy, for Vincent, became the key to controlling his time, inspiring others to find success while cherishing meaningful moments.

Thank you to all interpreters, Usherettes and volunteers for making this event a success!

Closing event by reciting the company motto, see you next time!

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