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Date & Time: 2023-10-28 (Saturday), 11:00am
Total Viewers: 1,500 Pax

In the revitalizing month of October 2023, Atomy Malaysia's Success Academy united with great anticipation to welcome a much-awaited product launch. We all eagerly awaited the opportunity to witness the grand unveiling of Atomy SkinBet, and the moment did not disappoint, igniting our high spirits. This exceptional occasion was enriched by the excitement surrounding the highly anticipated product, and it has been a month filled with unforgettable moments and remarkable achievements.

Emcee & Company Motto by Jayden Khoo, Diamond Master & Finics Yong, Diamond Master

Akuan Sumpah (Oath reciting) - Janet Ng (Sales Master)

Company Greeting by Ms Anna Kim, Country Manager
In October, our esteemed Country Manager, Anna Kim, made her momentous debut in Malaysia, delivering an inspiring speech that vividly portrayed Atomy's strength and vision. Anna Kim likened Atomy to the majestic metasequoia, which stands the test of time, symbolizing the generational growth of our Atomy family. With heartfelt words, she emphasized that we are all one big family, bound together in this journey of prosperity.

Welcome Speech - Hong Seng Hook, STM @ Royal Leaders Club
Hong Seng Hook, our charismatic speaker, kickstarted the show with a dash of humor and his unique brand of wit. His light-hearted approach not only brought smiles but also lit a motivational spark within the crowd, letting them in on the exciting journey that lay ahead.

Why Atomy - Noppatsorn Tuta, STM
During Noppatsorn Tuta's address, the message of personal growth and freedom resonated powerfully. She shared her inspiring journey of finding her path to freedom, firmly believing that nowhere else could offer the support and opportunities she found in Atomy. Her message was clear: Atomy's potential knows no bounds, and the imminent introduction of new offerings underscored this message.

Member's Story - Micky Lim, DM
Micky Lim warmly delved into her personal Atomy journey, offering a window into the early days of her Atomy voyage. Her words were filled with passion as she illuminated the positive aspects of her experience, shedding light on the countless opportunities and benefits that Atomy had bestowed upon her. Micky's deep appreciation for her encounter with Atomy and the profound transformation it had brought to her life left the audience deeply moved, as they were captivated by her heartfelt story.

Fountain of Youth - Caiden Loh (Product Development Project Manager) & Cheryl Huang & Fish Ee (RM @ Royal Leaders Club)
Caiden Loh, Fish Ee, and Cheryl Huang, all renowned for their expertise, came together in a captivating presentation to unveil the latest innovation in Atomy's product lineup: Atomy SkinBet Collagen. Their combined knowledge offered deep insights into collagen and the exceptional qualities of this eagerly anticipated product. With their engaging presence and wealth of experience, they built anticipation for what this product had to offer, leaving the audience in awe of the remarkable attributes and exceptional quality that Atomy SkinBet Collagen brings to the table. It was a moment that truly highlighted the extraordinary potential of this remarkable addition to Atomy's product range.

Dreams to Reality - Rosmaria Sahat (STM @ Leaders Club)
In her engaging and interactive session, Rosmaria Sahat held the audience's attention with her insights on turning dreams into reality, emphasizing the importance of "sharing your thoughts and ideas." She introduced the Life Scenario wheel, a valuable tool to guide individuals on their path to achieving their goals and aspirations. The room was buzzing with excitement as the audience wholeheartedly connected with her presentation.

Life Scenario Sharing - Siti Latifah, Member

Life Scenario Sharing - Yeoh Zhen Wei, DM

Sales Automation - Johny Kasidi, STM @ Leaders Club
In an inspiring speech, Johny Kasidi unveiled the remarkable journey that brought him to the pinnacle of success within Atomy. With a wealth of experience, he shared the invaluable secrets to becoming an auto sales master, emphasizing its pivotal role in one's Atomy career. Johny's success story serves as a guiding light for all, showcasing the path to achievement through sales automation and the immense value it brings to the Atomy community.

Mastership Promotion
Congratulations to our esteemed Sales Master and Diamond Master promotees this month! Their dedication and hard work have led them to this remarkable milestone, and we celebrate their outstanding achievements. The path to success is beautifully lit with the lights of appreciation and recognition for their unwavering commitment to Atomy. Well done!

Road To Success - Fenn Ten (CRM @ Crown Leaders Club)
In an emotional and heartfelt speech, Fenn Ten shared her inspiring journey to success. She opened up about the challenges she faced, acknowledging that her path was not without difficulties. However, she expressed immense gratitude for her patience and for heeding the words of the Chairman. Fenn Ten's happiness and fulfillment were evident as she reflected on how taking the opportunity with Atomy allowed her to stand where she is today. Her journey, driven by the desire to take care of her family during challenging times, is a powerful testament to the transformative potential of Atomy.

Thank you to all interpreters, Usherettes and volunteers for making this event a success!

Closing event by reciting the company motto, see you next time!

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