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Date & Time: 2023-09-23 (Saturday), 11:00am
Total Viewers: 1,500 Pax

In the splendid month of September 2023, Atomy Malaysia's Success Academy gathered with immense anticipation to welcome an esteemed Imperial Master, whose presence ignited our excitement. We all eagerly awaited the opportunity to witness her greatness, and the moment was nothing short of awe-inspiring. This extraordinary occasion was further enriched by the exciting launch of our newest product, Atomy Absolute Snow. It's been a month filled with unforgettable moments and remarkable achievements.

Emcee & Company Motto by Jayden Khoo, Diamond Master & Finics Yong, Diamond Master

Akuan Sumpah (Oath reciting) - Saidi Bin Besar (Sales Master)

Company Greeting by Mr Kea Wong, Office Manager

This month, our dedicated Office Manager, Kea, brought us some thrilling updates to brighten our days. Kea unveiled the fantastic news of a significant reduction in delivery fees, a move aimed at enriching the shopping experience for our valued members. The joy was palpable as everyone celebrated this customer-centric decision, marking a new era of convenience and savings.

Welcome Speech - Sophia Chen, RM @ Royal Leaders Club
Her opening address set the stage for an electrifying event, inspiring the audience with a contagious enthusiasm. Overflowing with heartfelt gratitude for the excellence represented by Atomy, she shared her personal journey, leaving everyone touched by her sincerity. Her unwavering confidence in the event's success, backed by an impressive lineup of speakers, infused the room with an undeniable sense of excitement.

Why Atomy - Mike Ling, STM @ Leaders Club
In Mike Ling's speech, the theme of personal growth and freedom resonated powerfully. He shared his inspiring journey of finding his path to freedom, firmly believing that nowhere else could offer the support and opportunities he found in Atomy. His message was clear: Atomy's potential knows no bounds, and the imminent introduction of new offerings underscored this message. Within Atomy, the possibilities are limitless, and excuses fade away in the face of abundant opportunities.

Member's Story - Jerrica Ng (SRM)
Jerrica Ng graciously shared her personal journey with Atomy, providing valuable insight into the beginnings of her Atomy adventure. She spoke with fervor about the positive facets of her experience, shedding light on the opportunities and benefits that Atomy has brought into her life. Jerrica expressed profound gratitude for her discovery of Atomy and the transformative impact it has had on her journey, inspiring those in attendance with her heartfelt narrative.

Product Insight (Noni Presentation) - La Im Joung, ATOMY OROT CO., LTD / CHIEF DIRECTOR OF RND CENTER / PhD/ CTO
Dr. La Im Joung, an esteemed expert in the world of Noni, took the stage at Atomy Orot to share his profound knowledge and passion for this remarkable product. As a key figure in Noni production, his captivating lecture left the audience spellbound, unveiling the wonders of Noni that have captured the hearts of many. Dr. Joung's educational journey into the depths of Noni illuminated the numerous benefits and secrets behind this beloved product, leaving attendees inspired and enlightened.

When Winter Arrives (Absolute Snow) - Caiden Loh (Product Development Project Manager) & Jaquelyn Kh'ng (STM @ Leaders Club)
Caiden Loh and Jacquelyn Kh'ng, renowned for her expertise in skincare, came together in a dazzling presentation to unveil the latest gem in the Atomy skincare collection: Atomy Absolute Snow. With their combined chemistry, they masterfully introduced this groundbreaking product, setting the stage for an unforgettable product launch.Their charismatic presence and wealth of experience in skincare were palpable as they engaged the audience, building anticipation for what was to come. In a spontaneous and exciting twist, they invited a volunteer onto the stage, demonstrating the incredible effects of Atomy Absolute Snow in real-time. The volunteer showcased the product's skin-transforming qualities, leaving the audience awestruck by the visible whitening results and the radiant glow it bestowed. It was a moment that truly highlighted the extraordinary potential of this remarkable addition to the Atomy skincare lineup.

Dreams to Reality - Kaydence Low (STM @ Leaders Club)
In her inspiring address, Kaydence Low illuminated the path from dreams to reality, emphasizing the profound impact of "sharing your thoughts and ideas." She introduced the innovative concept of the Life Scenario wheel, a valuable tool designed to help individuals chart their course towards achieving their goals and aspirations.

Life Scenario Sharing - Ashley Cheng, SM

Life Scenario Sharing - Siti Aisyah Khairul Amri, Member

Journey to Sales Master - Haji Raimi (SRM)
In a captivating speech, Haji Raimi shared his life's journey, marked by two distinct types of success. He recounted the arduous and time-consuming path of traditional success, one that offered little freedom and limited peaks despite his unwavering determination. However, in his Atomy experience, he discovered a different realm of greatness, where the more he fought, the greater the success, an unprecedented phenomenon. Haji Raimi painted a picture of boundless opportunities within Atomy, a landscape of achievement that truly knows no bounds.

Mastership Promotion

Road To Success - Kim Yeon Sook (Imperial Master)
In a highly anticipated and awe-inspiring speech, Imperial Master Kim Yeon Sook brought the grand finale to our show with an electrifying presence. With her journey to the pinnacle of success as a backdrop, she passionately shared her belief in Atomy's unparalleled success system—a system rooted in a unique culture and a rock-solid foundation.
Imperial Master Kim Yeon Sook's words resonated with motivation as she conveyed the message that Atomy's path to success is unlike any other. Her lavish lifestyle today stood as a testament to the limitless possibilities within Atomy, serving as a powerful inspiration to all. Her message was clear: anyone can achieve greatness with dedication and determination, making it an empowering conclusion that left everyone inspired and ready to conquer their dreams.

Thank you to all interpreters, Usherettes and volunteers for making this event a success!

Closing event by reciting the company motto, see you next time!

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