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Date & Time: 2023-08-26 (Saturday), 11:00am
Total Viewers: 2,600 Pax

In August 2023, Atomy Malaysia's Success Academy convened with great enthusiasm to introduce our two latest products: the Atomy Pure Natural Cotton Sanitary Napkin and Atomy Honeysuckle. The theme of the month was National Day, and the event was filled with captivating performances that left everyone in awe. It was a delightful celebration of our remarkable achievements.

Emcee & Company Motto by Monica Chin, Star Master & Finics Yong, Diamond Master

Akuan Sumpah (Oath reciting) - Nurdieana Mohd Mardzi (Diamond Master)

Company Greeting by Mr Kea Wong, Office Manager
Kea, the Office Manager at Atomy Malaysia, had some exciting news to share. They announced the expansion of the highly successful KL One Day Seminars to Johor Bahru, doubling the excitement for our members. Furthermore, there's anticipation building around a new office, which is being designed to resemble Korea's Atomy Park. Kea also hinted at an upcoming surge in product releases and faster delivery plans, all geared toward propelling success to new heights. The future is indeed promising, with a strong emphasis on innovation, unity, and endless opportunities.

Welcome Speech - Jac Law, CRM @ Crown Leaders Club
His opening address ignited the event with a burst of enthusiasm. Filled with genuine gratitude for Atomy's excellence, he shared his personal journey with heartfelt appreciation. His confident assurance of a successful event, supported by an impressive roster of speakers, infused the room with excitement.

Why Atomy - Roger Cheok, RM @ Royal Leaders Club
In Roger Cheok's speech, the theme of diversity resonated strongly - both in products and in acceptance. He conveyed a resounding message to everyone in attendance, emphasizing that success within Atomy is boundless. The impending arrival of new products served as a solid confirmation of his message: within Atomy, there are no excuses, only abundant opportunities.

Member's Story - Jacqueline Leong (SM)
She generously shared her personal journey with Atomy, offering insight into how her Atomy story began. She spoke passionately about the positive aspects of her experience, highlighting the opportunities and benefits that Atomy has brought into her life. Jacqueline expressed immense gratitude for having discovered Atomy and the positive impact it has had on her journey, inspiring those in attendance with her heartfelt story.

Naturally Pure Cotton - Nicole Fang, Product Trainer @ Atomy China
Atomy China's Product Trainer, Nicole Fang, introduced the Pure Natural Cotton Sanitary Napkins, a groundbreaking solution for enhanced menstrual comfort. These napkins feature Texas USA-sourced pure natural cotton, a Japanese super absorbent polymer, and intricate embossed designs to prevent leaks. Atomy's commitment to quality ensures a soft, safe, and affordable product, redefining the standard of menstrual care.

Digestive Wellness Insights - Darren Yap, PD Project Manager & Dr Lawaniah, Lifestyle Medicine Physician
During an insightful conversation, Darren Yap and Dr. Lawaniah underscored the importance of maintaining a healthy gut and gastric mucosa (stomach lining membrane) to prevent future stomach problems. Atomy's latest innovation, Honeysuckle, contains a distinctive combination of elements that fortify this protective membrane. By prioritizing prevention and supporting the gastric mucosa, Honeysuckle offers a proactive approach to sustaining digestive well-being, aligning perfectly with Atomy's dedication to ensuring a worry-free stomach in the long term.

Cheerleading for Success

Dreams to Reality - Dr Tengku Asmadi (STM @ Royal Leaders Club)
In his speech, Dr. Tengku Asmadi illuminated the pathway from dreams to reality. He emphasized the profound impact of "sharing your thoughts and ideas." Dr. Tengku Asmadi also introduced the concept of the Life Scenario wheel, a valuable tool to help individuals map out their journey toward success.

Life Scenario Sharing - Farah Yakop, Member

Life Scenario Sharing - Nurdieana Mohd Mardzi, DM

Sales Automation - Alex Ong, RM @ Royal Leaders Club
Alex Ong delivered an engaging speech that skillfully combined wisdom and humor, leaving a lasting impression on the audience. A standout moment was his captivating on-stage Chinese calligraphy, which beautifully reinforced his message. Alex reassured everyone that the path, although challenging, ultimately leads to victory through unwavering determination.

Mastership Promotion
Well done to all the recently promoted Sales Masters for taking the first step in your path towards success, financial independence, and a balanced life!

Road to Success - Fan Wen Kui, CRM @ Crown Leaders Club
Fan Wen Kui, hailing from China, brought a wealth of wisdom to the room. His calm and captivating talk left a lasting impression, inspiring everyone with his profound insights. Fan shared his personal journey to success in Atomy, demonstrating how he overcame challenges and fostering a deep connection with the audience. His ability to connect and share ideas created an atmosphere of wonder and intrigue, reminding everyone of their potential for success.

Thank you to all interpreters, Usherettes and volunteers for making this event a success!

Closing event by reciting the company motto, see you next time!

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